Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grand Analog: In Retrospect

I don't know how to preface these videos.
Grand Analog (@grandanalog on Twitter) played Phog in January of 2010.
I was anticipating his brilliance, and his brightness far before he ever walked into Phog.

Odario Williams has been a darling of CBC Radio 3 for a while. I have wanted to get his band into Phog for as long as I've known he exists. I could not even believe that I was able to book him.

It turns out, that he is one of the most brilliant performers in the entire country.
Flat out.
This guy is a tank. His band is a menagerie of brilliance and fun.

His reputation far outpaced him, having arrived in Windsor YEARS before anyone ever considered having him play here.

He didn't disappoint.

He and his band were easily one of the most engaging live acts we've ever hosted, and if you missed's akin to missing Patrick Watson's first (and only) show at Phog.

If you're from Windsor, or not, and you see a Grand Analog show listed, make it your job to be in the presence of these phenomenal showmen.

Enjoy the videos of their live videos at Phog.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Phog's February & March Listings

Monday 1 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Wednesday 3 - Canadian Lawyers Abroad Fundraiser w/ Mike Hargreaves and Efan Music - 9pm - ALL AGES
Thursday 4 - Andy Brown - full band (Fredericton) w/ TBA - 9pm - ALL AGES
Friday 5 - The DoneFors (Toronto) w/ James O-L and The Villains - 10pm - 19+
Saturday 6 - Make Me Young! (Toronto) w/ A Huron Union (Sarnia) and Muzzin - 10pm - 19+
Sunday 7 - Coastal w/ My Last Summer Sky - 7:30pm - ALL AGES
Monday 8 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Wednesday 10 - Juice Open Mic Poetry
Thursday 11 - Vicious Guns (Toronto) w/ TBA - 9pm - 19+
Friday 12 - Michou w/ TBA
Saturday 13 - Lonesome Lefty and The Cryin' Shames - 10:30pm - 19+
Sunday 14 - Pat Robitaille w/ Mini Mansions (Los Angeles) and TBA - 9pm - 19+
Monday 15 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Wednesday 17 - Stephen Surlin (DJ FURS) Electronic TBA - 9pm
Friday 19 - Chris Page (Ottawa) w/ Leighton Bain Full Band - 10:30pm - 19+
Saturday 20 - Magnolius (Toronto) w/ Perilelle - 10:30pm - 19+
Sunday 21 - CR Avery (Vancouver) w/ TBA - 9pm - ALL AGES
Monday 22 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts  - 9pm - 19+
Tuesday 23 - Rah Rah (Regina) w/ Stereo Goes Stellar - 9pm - ALL AGES
Thursday 25 - Twilight Hotel (Nashville) w/ TBA - 9pm - ALL AGES
Saturday 27 - Yukon Blonde (Vancouver) w/ TBA - 10:30pm - ALL AGES
Monday 1 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Tuesday 2 - Woodhands (Toronto) w/ The Peace Leeches (Blenhiem) - 9pm - ALL AGES
Wednesday 3 - Pat Robitaille w/ Dan Roth (Toronto) and Sarah Loucks (Peterborough) - 9pm - 19+
Thursday 4 - Ron Leary w/ TBA - 9pm - 19+
Friday 5 - Brasstronaut (Vancouver) w/ TBA - 10:30pm - 19+
Saturday 6 - 72Blues (Australia) - 10:30pm - 19+
Sunday 7 - Ace Kincaid (Ottawa) w/ What Seas, What Shores and The Bulletproof Tiger  - 9pm - 19+
Monday 8 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Tuesday 9 - Pawnshop Diamond (Vancouver) w/ TBA - 9pm - ALL AGES
Wednesday 10 - Juice Open Mic Poetry - 9pm - ALL AGES
Thursday 11 - Innes Wilson and his Opposition (Guelph) w/ Gregory Pepper and His Problems (Guelph) w/ TBA - 9pm - 19+
Friday 12 - Stephen Surlin (DJ FURS) Experimental/Interactivity/Noise
Saturday 13 - Language Arts (Vancouver) w/ TBA - 10:30pm - ALL AGES
Sunday 14 - Ghostkeeper (Calgary) w/ Silver Starling (Montreal) - 9pm - ALL AGES
Monday 15 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Tuesday 16 - Jean Paul De Roover (Thunder Bay) w/ WHYME and Efan Music - 9pm - ALL AGES
Wednesday 17 - Lonesome Lefty and The Cryin' Shames - 9pm - ALL AGES
Thursday 18 - The Balconies (Ottawa) w/ TBA - 9pm - 19+
Friday 19 - Ramona (Toronto) w/ The Heels - 10:30pm - 19+
Saturday 20 - Ketch Harbour Wolves (Toronto) w/ TBA - 10:30pm - ALL AGES
Sunday 21 - Neosupervital (Ireland) w/ TBA - 9pm - ALL AGES
Monday 22 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Wednesday 24 - Oceanographer - Stephen Surlin
Thursday 25 - Jadea Kelly (Toronto) w/ TBA - 9pm - 19+
Friday 26 - Gardening, Not Architecture (Los Angeles) w/ TBA - 10:30pm - 19+
Monday 29 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts - 9pm - 19+
Tuesday 30 - The Pack AD (Vancouver) w/ TBA - 9pm - 19+

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recent press...for Phog...because of you.

With all the pleasant byproducts of CBC Radio 3 still making it into the minds of many outside of the Windsor music community, there have been a couple of more mentions in the press.

I thought it might be a good idea to share it with those who make this place what it is...

Aaron Binder of Fazer Magazine wrote a piece on Windsor music, with bits about many of the local music venues. Check it out.

And we, specifically, were mentioned in a recent Windsor Star article about the new Canadian Monopoly board being voted upon by the country.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

A week to contend with at Phog - January 18th - January 23rd

First of all, Monday night's Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts begins at 9pm.
This is the second week in, when the evening begins early, and will continue to do for those who may have been interested in participating in the past, but couldn't due to time restraints, I hope you reconsider now that the schedule has been shifted to accommodate as many as possible.

Tuesday the 19th is FAMiversary with tons of local acts playing AFTER the monthly Raw Shock Film Festival. You see, this monthly film-screening event is meant to encourage local film makers, video magicians, etc. to bring out their creations to share with other people enjoying the same profession/hobby. And since FAM has a significant film emphasis (the "F" in FAM), they are going to partner in the early part of this night to show films and shorts before the music begins.

And oh dear...
One of Canada's most beloved performers, whose reputation arrives FAR before he ever does, Odario G. Williams is bringing his incredible act to Windsor.

Wednesday the 20th is a day I've been waiting for...never really expecting it to come to fruition.
Grand Analog (Winnipeg) will be playing an ALL AGES show with local ska/rock band Brass Knuckles. Holy shit. Go ahead and say it. Holy shit. This show begins at 9pm sharp, and it will be one of the best feel-good events we'll ever host. Honestly, get to this show. $5

It'll be great to finally get Brass Knuckles in the building, and it'll be a chance for the dancing, grooving crowd to come and have a great time...and hopefully woo Grand Analog back another time in the future.

If that wasn't enough, someone with a lot of hype is coming the next night and he's sharing the stage with a local staple in musical performance - David Dubois! Thursday the 21st, we host Leif Vollebekk (Montreal) who was described this week on CBC Radio's Bandwidth (during an interview/live session with him!) as a combination of Bob Dylan and Patrick Watson. Incredibly, they hit the nail right on the head with this one.

Our Ottawa-connect to all things indie music, Ming Wu, just went to a live house-show with Leif headlining. He takes photos...awesome photos. Check this link to read his take on the show, and to see his photos of this intimate show.
 It's an ALL AGES joint, so if you love his music, don't fret about your age...just come enjoy this guy!

And Friday the 22nd sees the return of our good friend Alun Piggins (Toronto) who will be dredging up hilarity and amazing rock-artistry with local band, The Heels. Show begins at 10pm, and is only for those over 19 years of age...sorry!

Last but not least...Saturday the 23rd will find a slightly older Lonesome Lefty sharing the gig with Vera Colley of the rockabilly dance twangsters, Whoa Nellie! (Toronto). 19+ please. And bring your dancin' cowboy boots, not the regular ones.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phog Lounge on Today's Windsor - Part 2

This is part two of the interview with Today's Windsor, with less "hot tub" references than part one.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Phog Lounge featured on Today's Windsor!

Bevin and I talking at length about Phog Lounge...and why people seem to enjoy what we offer.

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Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold (Charlottetown, PEI) with Tom Curry playing Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tom Curry is a guy who listens, and then makes things happen.
I spoke to him about the simple initiative it takes to start booking shows at Phog, and he immediately booked an opening slot for himself in the dwindling 2009.

He then quickly suggested that an artist he admires was coming to the area, and that he'd like to get them into Phog and play with them, Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold from Prince Edward Island.

I jumped at it.
Here's why.
VERY FEW bands tour from PEI or Newfoundland unless they have serious skill. Why? It costs a fortune. SO if this band is coming this way, and Tom Curry likes them, then other people are going to love them.

Don't let me forget that Windsor's own Mr. Chill seems to think a heck of a lot about this band, as I saw them leaving messages of support on each other's Facebook pages a few weeks ago.

Come out this Wednesday. We'll get it started early. 9pm.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

ALL AGES show with Chris Velan (Calgary) w/ Mike Hargreaves - Saturday January 9, 2009

Chris Velan played Phog a while ago.
He played on a bizarre bill with 72 South 1st (from Brooklyn) and Miwa Gemini (Japanese-American blues folk).

Chris opened the show, and had us all doing double-takes, as this James Taylor-like voice was mixed with sunny sounds and looping pedals.

Velan creates tapestries that are done by a few performers who all have the same "Holy shit!" factor when they pile sound after sound on top of one another before your eyes. Final Fantasy (Toronto), Jean Paul De Roover (Thunder Bay), Pat LePoidevin (Sackville), and more make these kinds of atmospheres, and they leave you wondering how the hell they were possible.

I encourage you greatly to come to this ALL AGES, laid-back show on Saturday, as Michael Hargreaves will also be adding his brilliance to the pile.

He has a new solo CD out, with help from Jen Mireault, that he will hopefully have some copies he has been GIVING THEM AWAY.
Come out, and see if you can snag a free CD, and then, with your savings, buy one of Velan's CDs. His newest is in my collection, and I dig it.

See you Saturday?

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nightwood (Montreal) w/ Modernboys Moderngirls & Michou - January 15, 2010

January 15th, a Friday, Michou will play local host to Nightwood (Montreal) and Modernboys Moderngirls (Toronto).
The returning Modernboys Moderngirls is an energetic, dance-inducing band that we're thrilled to have back. Nightwood is the newcomer we are keen to break-in on the Phog stage.

Nightwood (Amber Goodwyn, Jeremy MacCuish, Erin Ross) is a  heavy, dark but totally fun rock trio from Montreal.  They have been touring Quebec and Ontario following their Pop Montreal album release (their debut full-length Carta Marina) and are planning a national tour this coming spring. Fiercely D.I.Y., Nightwood have been knee-deep in many aspects of the band; filming their music videos, silkscreening band t-shirts and posters and managing an art and style blog on their website. The members of the band are similarly eclectic in their lives outside of Nightwood: Amber is part of the experimental film collective Double Negative and publishes Lickety Split smut zine and Jeremy also plays in the bands Parlovr and Cotton Mouth.

Modernboys Moderngirls (Akira Alemany, Brett Millius, Juan Carlos Rivas) songs and shows combine punk and soul music.  The band released their highly praised debut album I Might As Well Break It  this past September with distribution from Fontana North.  The band has built upon rave reviews for their live performances at showcase in the past year at Edgefest, NXNE, Halifax Pop Explosion, as well as their debut shows in NYC.  Modernboys Moderngirls will be recording several new singles as well as producing their first music video this winter.


“Their DIY ethic draws similarities in my opinion to the North-Western Olympia, WA, K Records scene, drawing influences from punk and playing pop music with an edge.” - For the Records

"(Nightwood's) Carta Marina is yet another reminder of all that Montreal's independent music scene has to offer... It shows remarkable maturity to craft an album which flows together so well and demands such attention from the listener. Nightwood have established themselves as a band worth watching." - In Your Speakers
“Nightwood: Montreal’s own take on the lovely lady-smacked scene of dark, moody rock.” - Nightlife Magazine


"With the kind of spirit that could make a ship full of seasick sailors feel well enough to rock out to the point of sickness all over again, MBMG have reached their goal" –-Exclaim Magazine
"Modernboys Moderngirls are doing their part to crank up the amps and put the brashness back in rock 'n roll. The band's debut record - I Might As Well Break It. - is ten songs that really play like a gig at a dark and dingy club. It leaves you sweat soaked, bruised and battered and remembering." --, Halifax

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Phog starts 2010 in a talented way...January Listings

Saturday 2 - Phog's 6 Year Anniversary w/ The Peace Leeches (Blenheim) and Lindy (Toronto)
Monday 4 - Open Mic Surgery with Travis Reitsma - 9pm 
Wednesday 6 - Magic Hall of Mirrors (2 sets) - 19+ - 9pm
Friday 8 - Poughboy w Space Vampire & (WH)Y.M.E.(?) - 19+ - 10pm
Saturday 9 - Chris Velan (Calgary) w/ TBA - ALL AGES - 10pm
Tuesday 12 - "Dive: The Film" MOVIE showing - 7pm
Wednesday 13 - Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold (Charlottetown, PEI) w/ Tom Curry - ALL AGES - 9pm
Thursday 14 - Engineers Without Borders fundraiser w/ acts TBA
Friday 15 - Nightwood (Montreal) w/ Modernboys Modergirls & Michou - 19+ - 10:30pm
Saturday 16 - Art's Birthday Celebration w/ acts TBA - 19+ - 9pm
Tuesday 19 - FAMiversary w/ acts TBA - 9pm
Wednesday 20 - Grand Analog (Winnipeg) w/ TBA - ALL AGES - 9pm
Thursday 21 - Leif Vollebekk (Montreal) w/ TBA - ALL AGES - 9pm
Friday 22 - Alun Piggins (Toronto) w/ The Heels - 19+ - 10pm
Saturday 23 - Lonesome Lefty w/ Whoa Nellie! (Toronto) - 19+ - 10:30pm
Tuesday 26 - Jackie Robitaille CD Release Party - ALL AGES - 9pm
Wednesday 27 - Lucciana Costa (Ann Arbor/London) - ALL AGES - 9pm
Thursday 28 - Dinosaur Bones (Toronto) w/ Frontiers, The Archives, & Kid Brother - ALL AGES - 9pm
Friday 29 - Ron Leary Quintet (Toronto) - 19+ - 10:30pm
Saturday 30 - CJAM Xmas w/ acts TBA - ALL AGES - 10pm
Sunday 31 - Broken City Lab Community Mapping Project

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