Thursday, January 07, 2010

ALL AGES show with Chris Velan (Calgary) w/ Mike Hargreaves - Saturday January 9, 2009

Chris Velan played Phog a while ago.
He played on a bizarre bill with 72 South 1st (from Brooklyn) and Miwa Gemini (Japanese-American blues folk).

Chris opened the show, and had us all doing double-takes, as this James Taylor-like voice was mixed with sunny sounds and looping pedals.

Velan creates tapestries that are done by a few performers who all have the same "Holy shit!" factor when they pile sound after sound on top of one another before your eyes. Final Fantasy (Toronto), Jean Paul De Roover (Thunder Bay), Pat LePoidevin (Sackville), and more make these kinds of atmospheres, and they leave you wondering how the hell they were possible.

I encourage you greatly to come to this ALL AGES, laid-back show on Saturday, as Michael Hargreaves will also be adding his brilliance to the pile.

He has a new solo CD out, with help from Jen Mireault, that he will hopefully have some copies he has been GIVING THEM AWAY.
Come out, and see if you can snag a free CD, and then, with your savings, buy one of Velan's CDs. His newest is in my collection, and I dig it.

See you Saturday?

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