Monday, December 21, 2009

Field Assembly with Lee Gaul for an ALL AGES show on December 23rd

Adam Fox is a friend, which makes it hard to give praise in the presence of newbies.
Would I talk-up a friend beyond their abilities? Possibly. But with Adam's newest venture - Field Assembly - I can't really say enough about it, friend or not.

This record he just popped out is BY FAR one of my favourite out of this city ever.
Songs like Alkali and especially Light Speed are songs I perpetually play at home, in the car, and in personal times of decompression. And he's playing this Wednesday before Christmas (almost like a present to me) with long-lost love of Windsor; Lee Gaul.

Lee is yet another friend, who's been trucking and hustling between Montreal, Toronto, and Windsor for the last couple of years, and it's our pleasure to house his music this season. I can't say enough honest, reverential things about his music either.
I'm super-charged to see what he's going to play, as he has done a quiet rendition of Etta James in the same set as a blinding "Black-Keys-like" rock/blues number that peels your skin back.

You don't know what you'll get, but you know it'll be incredible.
This is a sharp double-bill that I'm glad Adam took the time to build.

Show begins at 9pm SHARP.
See you then.


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