Monday, November 23, 2009

Yellow Wood and Phog Lounge appear in CBC Radio 3 TV episode!

When these things happen, it blows my mind, and then I get this feeling of incredible honour for being welcomed into the Canadian music scene by all of those who each play a part in it.

What am I talking about?

CBC Radio 3 produces kick-ass, weekly videos (among a litany of other things), featuring different bands, people, topics in Canadian music.

This week, they featured a documentary that Bend Sinister put together a couple of years ago while on tour. Their documentary is about life on the road, independent music, and the joys and pitfalls of those experiences. They busted out the camera while playing Phog those MANY months ago, and captured some thoughts from myself (Tom) and from the boys in Yellow Wood!

Well, to my surprise, I got an e-mail from our HUGE fan in Michigan (Jon Corbin), who is also a huge fan of CBC Radio 3, telling me that it was cool to see me in the video for this week's R3TV.

This doc looks absolutely incredible, and this R3TV episode was cool to watch, because it's weird to see Shammy from the Doers, Wax Mannequin, B.A. Johnston, and other band members we know in this way, because I'm only used to seeing them in-person.

But watch this, because it's cool...and Yellow Wood has the LAST WORD on the whole video!!!


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