Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mark Inside (Toronto) w/ Young Rival (Hamilton) - Saturday, November 28th

I have been holding my breath.
It's very difficult to build up a show, when the shows happening in almost 6 weeks leading up to it are also phenomenal.

But this show on Saturday is epic.
These two groups are more than bands. They are friends of Phog. When we were just beginning, they were blowing this place up regularly, and playing for near-peanuts.

These days, these bands rarely cross paths, as they are both uber-headliners and aren't seen playing the same bills.

We are super psyched to have them in town, together, playing some of the best rock music in Canada.
Honestly, this is going to be a beyond-memorable night of music.

Tickets are $10 if bought in advance.
$12 at the door.

Young Rival has a dearth of video on Youtube, ranging from documentary-style vids, to live shows, music videos, and more. Check them out!

Here's a great video of The Mark Inside playing a heavy one at Phog during the P.A. Music Festival some years ago...My favourite song that they play live. The guitar solo at 2:15 of this video is just ridiculously sick.


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