Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Elvyn and The Matavaras, in retrospect.

Elvyn, from Peterborough, played here on Saturday, December 19th with The Matavaras.
We were laughing perpetually, only breaking to allow time for their performances.

It had been a while since Elvyn had been to Phog, and it was The Matavaras first time...but I had forgotten how much fun those Peterborough boys were.

They posted a little something on their blog about their show in Windsor.

They make reference to the sound check that I live-streamed, so I figured I'd link you to their blog post, and post the video of The Matavaras.

Next time either of them are in town, be sure to spend some time yarn-spinning with them, as they know how to entertain at the bar stool as much as they do on stage.


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