Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grand Analog: In Retrospect

I don't know how to preface these videos.
Grand Analog (@grandanalog on Twitter) played Phog in January of 2010.
I was anticipating his brilliance, and his brightness far before he ever walked into Phog.

Odario Williams has been a darling of CBC Radio 3 for a while. I have wanted to get his band into Phog for as long as I've known he exists. I could not even believe that I was able to book him.

It turns out, that he is one of the most brilliant performers in the entire country.
Flat out.
This guy is a tank. His band is a menagerie of brilliance and fun.

His reputation far outpaced him, having arrived in Windsor YEARS before anyone ever considered having him play here.

He didn't disappoint.

He and his band were easily one of the most engaging live acts we've ever hosted, and if you missed's akin to missing Patrick Watson's first (and only) show at Phog.

If you're from Windsor, or not, and you see a Grand Analog show listed, make it your job to be in the presence of these phenomenal showmen.

Enjoy the videos of their live videos at Phog.


At January 27, 2010 9:10 a.m. , Blogger Nicole said...

i just watched all the videos and wanted to dance along.
fantastic show. fantastic band. fantastic granola bits.


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