Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday, September 24th - An Evening of Reading and Amazing Live Music presented by Biblioasis

On Friday, September 24th we'll be kicking off our Fall publishing season with a four author launch at the Phog Lounge.  Windsor born and raised Alexander MacLeod will be launching his long-anticipated first collection of short stories.  Light Lifting offers a suite of darkly unflinching urban elegies, all of them set in the streets of our fair town.  London's A.J. Somerset will be launching his Metcalf-Rooke winning novel Combat Camera, about a burned-out Pulitzer-prize winning photographer who washes up in Toronto and takes a job with a low-budget pornographic impresario, then hatches a plan which just might save his career, an actress he gets involved with and, hopefully, himself.  Marius Kociejowksi will be here from England to launch his Pigeon Wars of Damascus, the follow up to his best-selling Street Philosopher and the Holy Fool (destined to become a classic, Adam Thorpe, TLS), Kociejowski returns to post 9-11 Damascus to discover an Islamic society in search for its true self.  And poet Norm Sibum will read from his two latest collections, The QWF nominated Pangborn Defence, and Smoke and Lilacs (Carcanet, distributed by Biblioasis.)

To round out the night, Kenneth, Marion and Lewis MacLeod will be providing musical entertainment into the late hours in support of Lewis's just released album For Sale As Is.  It promises to be a great night of books and music. 

Hope to see you out there.


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