Thursday, June 03, 2010

Michou does it again...with June Balloons!

Friends of mine (members of the band Michou) ...and boosters of Windsor, Phog, Kid Cardigan, and more...are doing something fun this month.

Throughout the month they are having a series of promos and interactions planned that involve lots of balloons. The first chunk of this project is to place balloons in high-traffic areas with the phrase, "It's Nice To Michou" written on each of them. So far, all of the balloons are bright yellow. They're meant to be found by their fans, scavenger-hunt-style, just for fun.

Fans are encouraged to photograph or videotape the balloons, wherever they find them, and upload their links to Michou's Facebook page - HERE.

I love this kind of interaction/promotion by artists simply because they are creating something else, something new to engage their loving fans. I'd like to see more of it from bands that can make it work. Granted...Gwar likely can't do a June Balloon promo, but certain acts can leverage creativity to remind fans of their projects.

Check out these videos of them explaining June Balloons and installing a couple of them in the downtown Windsor area.

This first video is crazy.

THEN watch the Eavesdropping (balloon-heavy) video!


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