Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New New Pornographers

Been waiting for this for a while...
New New Pornographers!
Sample song...My Rights Versus Yours

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dinosaur Jr. Thanks to Musebox

Musebox has been sending Phog Lounge great music for a while now...for review, and because some of the artists they represent, come to Phog.

There is a promotion they are doing "an interactive map tour" where people can click on the map and maybe win tickets.

Here's the link...HERE

Friday, May 25, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Museum Pieces (Halifax) wsg Yellow Wood playing Phog Tuesday May 29th

These guys were completely unbelievable during their last visit. Just nuts.
Museum Pieces is so damn good, and they have videos, reviews, and tunes to prove it.
They will be playing with Yellow Wood, who we all love to see, always.

There are a couple of videos in this post, and quite frankly, they are so solid, it stings!
Youth Club is so simple that it complicates their music. And It Keeps Me Up is such a solid song, that the video has no way of losing!
Don't you agree?

Museum Pieces - Youth Club

This Halifax band will roll into Windsor on the evening of Tuesday May 29th, and they will inevitably be another band who leaves town, casting a wake of, "You really missed an incredible show," comments.

Museum Pieces - It Keeps Me Up

They will please your senses. Your ears at least. Listen to their samples, and you be the judge.
FYI, the new music on their website, is stuff I've never heard, and as I write this, I cannot stop replaying it over and over. It is stellar. Maybe it's my mood, but I'm thinking it's just really good.

Windsor Live Music: Alun Piggins (Toronto) Friday / Summertime & The Phonogarde Saturday

This is yet another weekend facing us...
Alun Piggins owns the bar when he comes to town, having controlled audienced in Russia, China, England, and Finland with none other than Dave Bidini from the Rheostatics.

He is a great guy, and hopefull he's bringing some band members, because they put the "member" in his band...if you know what I mean:)

Also, Aaron of Summertime is looking forward to another successful show with The Phonogarde (The Masotti brothers) on Saturday. They had a nice, young, attentive crowd last time they played, and all was well in the Phog universe. Come check them out.

We USUALLY have the air conditioning on, so you should stop by if you're just overworked this weekend.
Oh, and we have beer.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vinyl Art Show

Like records? The vinyl type, with the single groove cut into a big, black spiral?
Well, there's an art show for you currently showing at Phog Lounge.

Jim was nice enough to round up lots of folks (like his brother Asa, Christian Aldo, Dan Bombardier, and more) to decorate, melt, paint, and build around vinyl records.
The show will be hanging only until the end of the month...so come check it out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Menomena News...and they are going to play Phog (Fingers Crossed)

An article taken from NPR's new project..."The Bryant Park Project"

The Best Song In The World Today: "Wet and Rusted" by Menomena

These are heady days in my old stomps: The Pacific Northwest. The Portland Trailblazers got themselves the first pick in the NBA draft -- I hope Greg Oden owns some Polar Fleece -- and as if that weren't enough, The Rose City is also the home of the band Menomena. Their latest record Friend and Foe is so good it will crawl in your ear and lay awesome eggs in your brain. My fave so far is the beautiful / haunting "Wet and Rusted" (by the way, the fact that I just used the biggest cliche EVER to describe a song shows you exactly why I'm not a music critic).

Anyway, the song is great and Bonus! It even comes with a really funny / heartbreaking (okay THAT is actually the biggest cliche ever) video shot by my personal hero Lance Bangs.

The video seems kind of random at first, but give it a minute and it all starts to come together. I dare you not to get a little choked up by the shot of them bouncing on the rolling trampoline in slo-mo.

Thanks to I Can't Believe It's Not Better! for the heads up on the song. And yes I know it was also on Stereogum and other places a while ago. I get it, I'm lame.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Fembots, Nathan Lawr, and Music Minus You playing Friday Night

The Fembots like to take fun photos, and they've had their name in lights...rockstars.

The Fembots (Toronto), Nathan Lawr (Toronto), and Music Minus You are playing this Friday.
For your information, these guys are phenomenal.

Count Down Our Days Video - Fembots

Bury Me Blues Video - Nathan Lawr

You should really give their music a listen...it will be all you need to convince you to come see them play.

Nathan obviously is emotional about touring with The Fembots...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Windsor Live Music: LEO37 (Saskatoon) and Soliva (Toronto) come to Phog THIS Wednesday

LEO37 and Soliva will be joined by Perilelle and Dial81 this Wednesday night.
It's a nice blend of upbeat hip-hop. Not your down and dirty, grimy rap stuff, but more of a Digable Planets/Pharcyde feel.

A good show to be seen by all those looking for a slightly different offering from music at Phog.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Photos of recent shows!

My Dad vs. Yours (Ottawa)
Steve Ward
Magali (The Phonemes)
Bob Wiseman...The Great Bob Wiseman...slayed everyone.
Bobby's videos were unreal!

Thanks for the above photos Eric! You are a gem.

My photo of Magali (The Phonemes)
Lee and Bradford trying to give Bob directions to a safe landing in Detroit.
Lee and Bradford looking foggy in the fog outside of Phog.
Work at Phog, drive home in pea soup.

Friday, May 11, 2007

This is why there is no dance floor at Phog

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Windsor Live Music: from the Emm Gryner Royal Wood Show

A little late but here they are, some photos from the show that a lot of people couldn't get in to. Maybe next time. You figure out who is who in the photos.
Poop on you all,

Windsor Live Music: Celebrity Parade coming to Phog

I am aware that no matter how much I post to this site, the people who SHOULD be reading it...the people who beg for updates and details for upcoming shows...are unaware of this site.

If you have a friend who wants to be kept up-to-date with shows at Phog, direct them to this site.

Until then, here is the news behind the music coming this Wednesday. Jason Trachtenburg (the guy above who looks like Rick Moranis), Bob Wiseman, and The Phonemes are COMING!
We have one of the most star-studded shows as far as pedigree and achievements go, and better yet, they're all amazing at the unique way they entertain.

People like David Cross and Eugene Mirman have commented on Jason's work (in the video below) and his Slideshow has even appeared on Conan O'Brien.

Here's the link to the story I got these following facts from...LINK
Here's the pertinent information:

"Trachtenburg is a member of The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, who take vintage slide collections they've found at estate sales, garage sales and thrift shops and create musical exposes based on what the anonymous people in the slides are doing."

"Wiseman, who first became known as Blue Rodeo's keyboard player, released his ninth solo record, Theme And Variations, last year. He's also worked with Ron Sexsmith, Edie Brickell (Yeah, the one from Edie Brickell & New Bohemians and is the wife of Paul Simon), Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson from Kids In The Hall, among others."

"The Phonemes are comprised of Magali Meagher, Matias Rozenberg and Liz Forsberg. Like Wiseman, Meagher and Rozenberg have been members of Hidden Cameras."

I hope this helps paint the picture clearer.
Plan to be at Phog this Wednesday. You won't forget it.

Jason Trachtenburg clip

Phonemes clip...with Final Fantasy

Bob Wiseman clip

Friday, May 04, 2007

Photo Gallery for fun...

I got these shots from Earl...most of the ones worth loving anyway. The other ones are timely Eric Welton shots and should be posted and loved too. If you are interested in seeing photos from Phog, I have been trying to upload them to Flickr as often as possible. All you have to search for is Phog Lounge and lots of stuff should come up.

The ABOVE shots are all Earl's and I love every single damn one of them.
The rest are attributed to Eric Welton. The last one is by ME.

Windsor Live Music: My Dad vs. Yours wsg What Seas, What Shores

This Ottawa band, My Dad vs. Yours has been one of my favourite atmospheric, non-vocal bands since we opened Phog. Gyroscope (Montreal), who wowed people weeks ago are not similar in sound, but similar in genre. If that helps any...

I love when bands create an atmosphere of comfort, for listening, or for conversation, or for whatever the hell else you can do at a music venue.

Just be forewarned. I like them and I know they'll be great. They played on a Sunday many months ago, and I was off that night. I look forward to this show so much, that I might ignore people shouting drink orders.

No. No I won't. Order away! Yeaaaaahhh-hahahaha!

And can someone come and take pictures of this band!? There is a major shortage of usable images online for these guys.