Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Menomena News...and they are going to play Phog (Fingers Crossed)

An article taken from NPR's new project..."The Bryant Park Project"

The Best Song In The World Today: "Wet and Rusted" by Menomena

These are heady days in my old stomps: The Pacific Northwest. The Portland Trailblazers got themselves the first pick in the NBA draft -- I hope Greg Oden owns some Polar Fleece -- and as if that weren't enough, The Rose City is also the home of the band Menomena. Their latest record Friend and Foe is so good it will crawl in your ear and lay awesome eggs in your brain. My fave so far is the beautiful / haunting "Wet and Rusted" (by the way, the fact that I just used the biggest cliche EVER to describe a song shows you exactly why I'm not a music critic).

Anyway, the song is great and Bonus! It even comes with a really funny / heartbreaking (okay THAT is actually the biggest cliche ever) video shot by my personal hero Lance Bangs.

The video seems kind of random at first, but give it a minute and it all starts to come together. I dare you not to get a little choked up by the shot of them bouncing on the rolling trampoline in slo-mo.

Thanks to I Can't Believe It's Not Better! for the heads up on the song. And yes I know it was also on Stereogum and other places a while ago. I get it, I'm lame.


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