Friday, May 04, 2007

Windsor Live Music: My Dad vs. Yours wsg What Seas, What Shores

This Ottawa band, My Dad vs. Yours has been one of my favourite atmospheric, non-vocal bands since we opened Phog. Gyroscope (Montreal), who wowed people weeks ago are not similar in sound, but similar in genre. If that helps any...

I love when bands create an atmosphere of comfort, for listening, or for conversation, or for whatever the hell else you can do at a music venue.

Just be forewarned. I like them and I know they'll be great. They played on a Sunday many months ago, and I was off that night. I look forward to this show so much, that I might ignore people shouting drink orders.

No. No I won't. Order away! Yeaaaaahhh-hahahaha!

And can someone come and take pictures of this band!? There is a major shortage of usable images online for these guys.


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