Sunday, May 06, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Celebrity Parade coming to Phog

I am aware that no matter how much I post to this site, the people who SHOULD be reading it...the people who beg for updates and details for upcoming shows...are unaware of this site.

If you have a friend who wants to be kept up-to-date with shows at Phog, direct them to this site.

Until then, here is the news behind the music coming this Wednesday. Jason Trachtenburg (the guy above who looks like Rick Moranis), Bob Wiseman, and The Phonemes are COMING!
We have one of the most star-studded shows as far as pedigree and achievements go, and better yet, they're all amazing at the unique way they entertain.

People like David Cross and Eugene Mirman have commented on Jason's work (in the video below) and his Slideshow has even appeared on Conan O'Brien.

Here's the link to the story I got these following facts from...LINK
Here's the pertinent information:

"Trachtenburg is a member of The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, who take vintage slide collections they've found at estate sales, garage sales and thrift shops and create musical exposes based on what the anonymous people in the slides are doing."

"Wiseman, who first became known as Blue Rodeo's keyboard player, released his ninth solo record, Theme And Variations, last year. He's also worked with Ron Sexsmith, Edie Brickell (Yeah, the one from Edie Brickell & New Bohemians and is the wife of Paul Simon), Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson from Kids In The Hall, among others."

"The Phonemes are comprised of Magali Meagher, Matias Rozenberg and Liz Forsberg. Like Wiseman, Meagher and Rozenberg have been members of Hidden Cameras."

I hope this helps paint the picture clearer.
Plan to be at Phog this Wednesday. You won't forget it.

Jason Trachtenburg clip

Phonemes clip...with Final Fantasy

Bob Wiseman clip


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