Friday, May 25, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Alun Piggins (Toronto) Friday / Summertime & The Phonogarde Saturday

This is yet another weekend facing us...
Alun Piggins owns the bar when he comes to town, having controlled audienced in Russia, China, England, and Finland with none other than Dave Bidini from the Rheostatics.

He is a great guy, and hopefull he's bringing some band members, because they put the "member" in his band...if you know what I mean:)

Also, Aaron of Summertime is looking forward to another successful show with The Phonogarde (The Masotti brothers) on Saturday. They had a nice, young, attentive crowd last time they played, and all was well in the Phog universe. Come check them out.

We USUALLY have the air conditioning on, so you should stop by if you're just overworked this weekend.
Oh, and we have beer.


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