Friday, August 31, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Leighton Bain wsg Michou and Eric Welton Friday August 31st

Leighton Bain walks into Phog with his friend Jeff the other night, just over a week ago. He wanted a show sometime soon. Looking at the calendar at these times is painful. Talented people want shows...and I want more days in a month.

But as it stood, because of a broken arm, four bands slated to rock my building off of it's cinder blocks had to cancel for Friday...that upcoming Friday.

"Want this Friday?"
Leighton just looked at the date and said, "Sure."

Michou just happened to be having members showing up for Open Mic Surgery and I had a good feeling that they'd be into playing with Leighton again.
Not only that, but Eric Welton, everyone's favourite Chatham-ite, also passed through the ether of a possible show and agreed to play tonight alongside Bain and Michou.

If you need to know why this show will be solid, I will speak to the parts of you that have no feeling but which command your decision-making skills to pay attention: Your wallet.
I know Leighton and Michou, and they almost NEVER charge more than $3, whether it be a weekend or not.
To see the quality of show that we have in store, singer/songwriters bookending a young quartet/quintet MUST be within the walls of Phog this Friday. Tonight.

Bob Wiseman will be here tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Bob Wiseman (Toronto) wsg Lee Gaul this Saturday

Bob Wiseman is FINALLY COMING BACK!!! This Saturday is going to be something special.

This guy came last year with a HUGE Windsor Star article trailblazing for him.
As usual, the article made no difference. People somehow got wind of "the guy from Blue Rodeo" coming to Phog...and that his show was very unusual.

The show incorporates recorded movie scenes and short films with live musical/vocal accompaniment.
Wiseman, being a musical renaissance man, reminds me of Kelly Hoppe in many ways. They have strong ties to success in Canadian music breaking into the American market, and they can both probably play anything you put in front of them.

If you want to see one of the most entertaining shows we will offer all year, no kidding whatsoever, then you need to come to this show.

Also, the first ten people to come to the show, prepared to pay cover, will get in free...or as we say, "on the house".

Below: A rough sample of some of Wiseman's entertaining talents...and this time it looks like he has an accordion!

Born To Love You - Bob Wiseman

Windsor Live Music: Scattered Jazz - FREE - Every Thursday

Although we miss the talented Steve Ward...there has been and will continue to be a huge (FREE!!!) Scattered Jazz some more...every Thursday from 5pm until 8pm.

It gives all of those folks concerned about getting out too late in the evening to see live shows.
This is the opportunity you've been looking for.
The music is phenomenal. Simple.
A nice selection of Hula Dog kids come out and grace the stage for three hours every Thursday, and you should get in to see them.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Detroit News gives Phog praise...much appreciated.

If you want to see the article, simply click here.

Detroiters made their way into Phog Saturday, for a change of Ouellette Avenue's "pace", all thanks to this article.

Very nice.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ten Dollar Tales Marathon Wednesday August 22nd

Yes, we will be having a Ten Dollar Tales I am told it will be 8 episodes, back-to-back, starting at 8pm.Come and see some funny and wierd story-telling by some of Windsor's artists who are doing something with their time and talent.
For those of you who are clueless...which is most of you...there is a show produced locally for a cable station...and that show is the quirky, campy, bizarre, often funny-by-accident Ten Dollar Tales.

Christian Aldo, John Doherty, and Marshall Sfalcin have made the show based on the premise listed below:
"Lester Rockwell's got himself a problem. WindsorWood Studios is going out of business and it's up to Lester to save his company by budgeting each production for only ten dollars. Are the writers up for it? Is it possible to make a show for only ten bucks? At least something watchable? Find out each week on Ten Dollar Tales!"Windsor Star reporter, Craig Pearson, had this to say about the show.
"Ten Dollar tales are no cheap Trick... The best aspect of (the show) are the bizarre stories, which have an addictive nature and usually end with an out-of-the-blue punchline."
The Ten Dollar Tales Website describes the show as:
"A cross between the Twilight Zone and SCTV on maybe a 1000th of the budget, Ten Dollar Tales is shot in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (across the river from Detroit) and maintains a local cast and crew. CogecoTV broadcasts the show to Windsor, Essex, Chatham-Kent and Sarnia."

In case you missed the Dr. Disc/Phog Pre-Release Session

You could have heard the entire album on Monday...but apparantly the rain kept most of you away.
Single tear.

Seriously, the album is great.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Original Lady Eyes wsg Sleep The Season (St. Catherines) and Casey Baker (Hamilton) Saturday August 18th

The Original Lady Eyes will be playing tonight with Sleep The Season (St. Catherines) and Casey Baker (Hamilton).

One of the guys in The Original Lady Eyes is my they'd better be good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Lady Racers wsg Anne Lewis Wednesday August 15th

The Lady Racers (Kingston) are coming to play Wednesday August 15th with local singer Anne Lewis.

Rumour has it that these girls opened for Sarah Harmer some time last year. This is no small feat, so come and see what they've got.
From their website:
Christina Foster, Lia Dawson and Anna Robertson are a trio of talented young singer songwriters. They first formed as a band in the spring of 2003, and haven’t been able to get away from each other since. They found their beginnings during high school, and began honing their craft in kitchens and bedrooms around Kingston, Ontario. Slowly they got their footing in more ambitious venues such as local clubs and open mics. What started as a casual creative outlet then became a way of life.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts

So now that Ron Leary has made his cross-country tour start...Open Mic Surgery will be hosted by none other than Tara Watts.

So come out and show off your best musical talents or just enjoy the talents of other.

Show starts at 10:30, just like every week.

Guitar Hero Sundays...

Don't forget...Guitar Hero Sundays continue...and from what I hear, the turnout has been fantastic.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Elkas Snafu

Peter Elkas is NOT coming to Phog tonight.
Mr. Chill, Greg Cox, and Music Minus You will be playing.

You want details? Talk to me.
He'll be coming in the future.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Changing Facade

Phog's walls have been undergoing a face-lift with some new mural artwork being applied by several local artists.
Dan (Denial) Bombardier and Dave Kant, along with a host of other sprayers have been tagging the image of a giant octopus with arms wrapping around from the back of the building to the walls in the alley and parking lot.

George Rizok has begun an outline for his design in the space left on the Victoria Ave. side of the building, and we are waiting patiently for Derek Cerovski to unleash his designs in the alley-side of the building.

If you're in the area, take a look at the walls, but also come on in and have a look/feel of the changes being made inside. Open windows in the back of the building so you can look outside or see inside from the Victoria Ave. side of the building has been an enlightening change for patrons of Phog.

Also, many of the games we had lost due to damage and stupidity have been repurchased and stocked on shelves where staff can fetch them. Connect Four, Jenga, SCRABBLE (with all the tiles), Chess, and much more is back in the bar.

Stop in and see some changes...and recommend some new ones.
Dave Kant adds his captured octopus bait imagery.
Early painting of the old parking hut.
Other wall of parking hut.
Early back wall.
More early back wall.Kero? Adding detail to parking hut piece.
More parking hut.
I think I see an octopus.
Ahhh, there he is...what shall we name him?
Cary adds more detail to the arms wrapping around the drinks (windows).
More detail on Dave Kant's piece in the alley.
George Rizok's beginnings. Can anyone guess what he might paint?
Arms around drinks. Nice.
Dan (Denial) hard at play.
The wall looks great, almost great enough to make weekenders pay attention.
Notice the arms creeping up the chimney.
Nice work Denial, and the crew. Many thanks.
I'll thank Dave Kant when he finishes.

Windsor Live Music: Square Root of Margaret wsg Yellow Wood Tonight (Friday August 10th)

It's known to all that Yellow Wood's prolific local music footprint is one that you could almost fall into. They are a skilled, charming band to hear live, and the volume assures that you hear them.
They will be playing with Chatham darlings Square Root of Margaret. These wingnuts are a band that SHOULD have the A-Team van as a tour vehicle. There are such an arrangement of personalities in that band, it's like working co-op for psychology school when they come to play.
They are extremely talented fellas, and they have more knowledge of how to have a good time (aka - party) than most people in Ontario.
Come see these gifted folks an you will not be sorry.

Ninja Man Destroys Kids

I cannot get enough of this thing. was also responsible for that addictive little surprised chipmunk.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Peter Elkas (Toronto) wsg Mr. Chill & Kelly Hoppe & Music Minus You

Peter Elkas...'nuff said.
He plays Phog on Saturday the 11th. This upcoming Saturday!
He played with Joel Plaskett quite a while ago at Phog, and he amazed me with his performance.

He can be seen in the Radio 3 TV Video Podcast episode called "Bromance".
It's worth watching. You can find it at along with all of the other episodes.

Kelly Hoppe (Mr. Chill) and Greg Cox will also be playing the show alongside Music Minus You (Ryan Fields).
This line-up is incredible, and will more than satisfy your need for solid music.

On a side note...Mr. Chill has been playing here and there with Joel Plaskett Emergency, and can be heard on the popular track "Snowed In" off of the new CD.
This show will be amazing.
Be smart. Come see it.

The Gravity Wave Video

The following video is set to the music of The Gravity Wave... a guy out of Toronto who makes amazing, fun music.
I went to Chicago this weekend...and this Ferris movie was on my list of things to watch before I went.
Jessica told me to watch she found by accident on I am amazed at this thing...
Please enjoy...and e-mail him to tell him how slick this video is.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Steve Ward Scattered Jazz Ensemble Thursdays from 5pm-8pm

In a response to many people conveying that they cannot come out to shows that begin late, Phog has had weeks of performances by Steve Ward and an all-star crew of jazz musicians and many additional musicians.

These shows occur each Thursday from 5pm until 8pm.
The live show is incredible.
The turn-out has been amazing!

Click anywhere here for a sample of their live show recorded last week from behind the bar.

And even better...after this show...Run With The Kittens will be destroying your idea of a live show by unleashing a live rock show unlike any you've ever experienced.

Windsor Live Music: Run With The Kittens Thursday August 2nd!

These guys have NEVER disappointed.
They are going to blow the lid off of the bar, and your head on Thursday night.
10pm is showtime.

These Toronto boys are easily one of the best live bands we've ever seen, in almost four years. No kidding. They are incredible.

Pass the hat will be the method of payment.
No cover.

This show will smoke! Mark my words, you will be thankful that you saw them.
Watch the video if you need proof of their entertaining prowess.