Friday, August 10, 2007

Changing Facade

Phog's walls have been undergoing a face-lift with some new mural artwork being applied by several local artists.
Dan (Denial) Bombardier and Dave Kant, along with a host of other sprayers have been tagging the image of a giant octopus with arms wrapping around from the back of the building to the walls in the alley and parking lot.

George Rizok has begun an outline for his design in the space left on the Victoria Ave. side of the building, and we are waiting patiently for Derek Cerovski to unleash his designs in the alley-side of the building.

If you're in the area, take a look at the walls, but also come on in and have a look/feel of the changes being made inside. Open windows in the back of the building so you can look outside or see inside from the Victoria Ave. side of the building has been an enlightening change for patrons of Phog.

Also, many of the games we had lost due to damage and stupidity have been repurchased and stocked on shelves where staff can fetch them. Connect Four, Jenga, SCRABBLE (with all the tiles), Chess, and much more is back in the bar.

Stop in and see some changes...and recommend some new ones.
Dave Kant adds his captured octopus bait imagery.
Early painting of the old parking hut.
Other wall of parking hut.
Early back wall.
More early back wall.Kero? Adding detail to parking hut piece.
More parking hut.
I think I see an octopus.
Ahhh, there he is...what shall we name him?
Cary adds more detail to the arms wrapping around the drinks (windows).
More detail on Dave Kant's piece in the alley.
George Rizok's beginnings. Can anyone guess what he might paint?
Arms around drinks. Nice.
Dan (Denial) hard at play.
The wall looks great, almost great enough to make weekenders pay attention.
Notice the arms creeping up the chimney.
Nice work Denial, and the crew. Many thanks.
I'll thank Dave Kant when he finishes.


At August 13, 2007 1:17 a.m. , Blogger BBS said...

I took a walk downtown to check thing out today. Looks fantastic.


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