Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Peter Elkas (Toronto) wsg Mr. Chill & Kelly Hoppe & Music Minus You

Peter Elkas...'nuff said.
He plays Phog on Saturday the 11th. This upcoming Saturday!
He played with Joel Plaskett quite a while ago at Phog, and he amazed me with his performance.

He can be seen in the Radio 3 TV Video Podcast episode called "Bromance".
It's worth watching. You can find it at along with all of the other episodes.

Kelly Hoppe (Mr. Chill) and Greg Cox will also be playing the show alongside Music Minus You (Ryan Fields).
This line-up is incredible, and will more than satisfy your need for solid music.

On a side note...Mr. Chill has been playing here and there with Joel Plaskett Emergency, and can be heard on the popular track "Snowed In" off of the new CD.
This show will be amazing.
Be smart. Come see it.


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