Thursday, August 30, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Bob Wiseman (Toronto) wsg Lee Gaul this Saturday

Bob Wiseman is FINALLY COMING BACK!!! This Saturday is going to be something special.

This guy came last year with a HUGE Windsor Star article trailblazing for him.
As usual, the article made no difference. People somehow got wind of "the guy from Blue Rodeo" coming to Phog...and that his show was very unusual.

The show incorporates recorded movie scenes and short films with live musical/vocal accompaniment.
Wiseman, being a musical renaissance man, reminds me of Kelly Hoppe in many ways. They have strong ties to success in Canadian music breaking into the American market, and they can both probably play anything you put in front of them.

If you want to see one of the most entertaining shows we will offer all year, no kidding whatsoever, then you need to come to this show.

Also, the first ten people to come to the show, prepared to pay cover, will get in free...or as we say, "on the house".

Below: A rough sample of some of Wiseman's entertaining talents...and this time it looks like he has an accordion!

Born To Love You - Bob Wiseman


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