Friday, August 31, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Leighton Bain wsg Michou and Eric Welton Friday August 31st

Leighton Bain walks into Phog with his friend Jeff the other night, just over a week ago. He wanted a show sometime soon. Looking at the calendar at these times is painful. Talented people want shows...and I want more days in a month.

But as it stood, because of a broken arm, four bands slated to rock my building off of it's cinder blocks had to cancel for Friday...that upcoming Friday.

"Want this Friday?"
Leighton just looked at the date and said, "Sure."

Michou just happened to be having members showing up for Open Mic Surgery and I had a good feeling that they'd be into playing with Leighton again.
Not only that, but Eric Welton, everyone's favourite Chatham-ite, also passed through the ether of a possible show and agreed to play tonight alongside Bain and Michou.

If you need to know why this show will be solid, I will speak to the parts of you that have no feeling but which command your decision-making skills to pay attention: Your wallet.
I know Leighton and Michou, and they almost NEVER charge more than $3, whether it be a weekend or not.
To see the quality of show that we have in store, singer/songwriters bookending a young quartet/quintet MUST be within the walls of Phog this Friday. Tonight.

Bob Wiseman will be here tomorrow!!


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