Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just the line-up...and set times...for the P.A. Music Festival

Thursday, Sept. 28:
Phog Lounge presents:
Twilight Hotel (10:30pm)
The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band And The Spirits (11:30pm)
Wax Mannequin (12:30am)
The Mark Inside (1:30am)

The Avalon Front presents:
The Riderless (10:00pm)
Henri Faberge and The Adorables (11:00pm)
Measured in Angles (12:00am - Midnight)
The Sunparlour Players (1:00am)

Friday, Sept. 29:
Phog Lounge presents:
Dean Drouillard (10:30pm)
Ten Year Drought (11:30pm)
Run With The Kittens (12:30am)
The Ride Theory (1:30am)

The Avalon Front presents:
Portia (10:00pm)
The Locusts Have No King (11:00pm)
Raised By Swans (12:00am - Midnight)
Fjord Rowboat (1:00am)

Saturday, Sept. 30:
Phog Lounge presents:
City Wide Vacuum (10:00pm)
A Northern Chorus (11:00pm)
Lindy (12:00am - Midnight)
The High Strung (1:00am)

The Avalon Front presents:
Friday Morning's Regret (10:30pm)
The Coast (11:30pm)
The Golden Dogs (12:30am)

Cost: $10 per night/$25 for 3-day pass


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