Friday, September 08, 2006

The P.A. Music Festival Press Release

The first ever P.A. Music Festival is set to give independent music lovers in the Windsor area a taste of something they've been requesting for years. The Avalon Front and Phog Lounge will be opening their doors, simultaneously, welcoming local, Canadian, and international musicians to fill their stages for the last three days of September. The name P.A. contains the first initial of both venues and also refers to the Public Address system that all bands must tinker with before their sound is just right.

Each venue will host four bands per night with an ascending volume ordering system. The music gets louder as the nights taper off. The musicians that will be making this event worthwhile are each headliner-caliber performers in their own right. Some of the bands attending the event include Toronto bands Fjord Rowboat, The Coast, Friday Morning's Regret, Hamilton's Wax Mannequin and The Ride Theory, A Northern Chorus, and London's Raised By Swans.

Tickets for this event will be $10 per night with the option of buying a pass for all three nights for $25. A pass for any given night entitles you to move freely between Phog and The Avalon so long as there is space at that given venue at that moment. In short, if you can't get into one venue, you certainly have a place saved at the other venue.

Show goers will have to plan their nights according to who they want to see perform, and make their moves from venue-to-venue accordingly. With so much to see in two short blocks of travel distance, both venues are sure to see a lot of traffic moving back and forth. There are two streets to cross to get from one venue to the other, which lends itself to the idea of duality that the festival aims to convey. Partnership, community, cooperation, and more symbolism goes on and on, with the linking between Phog and The Avalon being the paramount achievement of the festival.

Both venue operators expect to see many of the returning students coming out for a show that they won't have the luxury of seeing again for a long time. Also, with the performer line-ups as diverse and strong as they are, both Tony from the Avalon and Tom from Phog expect to see music fans coming from as far away as London or Hamilton.

"Some of the bands coming have big fan bases in their hometowns, but they will not have the chance to see all these bands play so close together where they live. This is a chance for them to see something unique, in a city they likely never knew had such strong musical roots," said Phog Lounge owner Tom Lucier.

Tom Lucier at Phog Lounge: 519.253.1605 or
Tony at The Avalon Front: 519.254.1316 or


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