Monday, July 31, 2006

Phog Has Been Blissful

I hate waiting to post to this thing, but what the hell...we're busy, even without watching a television for 2 months, we're busy.
To begin, we have received our new Sirius Satellite Radio System. It will surely be up and running in a week or so. There's more to it than just hooking it up. It's more complicated, but it'll be untouchable!

Part of what Sean calls, "The Big Winner's Package" shot I took, we also got some t-shirts and CBC pins. Slick.

My shirt is a Trout-Beaver...eating my neck, I know, but sweet nonetheless. Sean got the Moose-Squirrel. Thank you CBC Radio 3. We love you.

We recently had the Open Your Ears Summer Music Series which I loved both Friday and Saturday nights. Hats off to all who organized. You know who you are, Caleb.
Here's a few shots of those nights...





And band.
I've been getting tons of flack for dressing respectable. Incredible.
But, this is it. I have a hat on and I wear a tie. Men in the 50s knew what they were doing. I will stick with this until my hat is dust.

Stephen and I wore the exact opposite outfit completely by accident...

...kidding, we actually thought it might scare crazy bastards back out the door if they ventured in. This week was a weird, non-full-moon week. Usually you need the power of lunacy to get the results we got, but it was just plain strange without it. I even got to kick out the first band member ever. And to my rescue, The Avalon and Pogo's both threw him/them out too! Dinks.

All other usual hijinx and fun, musical and otherwise, has been enjoyed by all. Now that Frank and I are back to working 3 nights per week together, we have more going for us at Phog than ever.
See for yourself...

John, Neil and Vicki (her real name is Victoria, but don't tell her where you found out!) I don't think she has the internet.

Sean and Sheelagh

Lee Gaul jams banjo-style with two of the 8-piece Endless Mike and The Beagle Club

Adam Fox just puts up with these people...but barely...

It took days for Matt to abandon the "mom at the beach" rolled-up jeans look. It will take forever for Nate to abandon his love for Matt when he wore his pants like this.

I'm glad someone finally captured Ryan Fields laughing at something with his one-fist pound.

This is the worst ring I've ever seen, and the best ring I've ever seen. Nate, too bad buddy, your precious Canadian flower that is Courtney will need a real ring now. I bet you wished it would've lasted a couple of weeks don't you?

The new Wall of Phame with images from Ron Marsten's camera. We have a sweet collection ever-growing of our bands, regulars, and of course, me and Frank.

Stephen used to be a goth, according to everyone but him. This image needs to go into a future Phog ad, regardless of how blurry it is, with, "We Convert Goths" printed under it. We love you Stephen, you Goth-hatin' dude.

Sean and Sheelagh do their best rendition of Broken Social Scene.

So since that's all the photos I had time to upload, I will try to post some older ones later. The Final Fantasy show was unreal, as were more of the acts that came to follow.
We look forward to August, and we hope you can come and make it into some photos.


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