Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New images...that are old.

I have found that since I got my Mac computer, as opposed to my goofed-up, virus ridden PC, that it is easier to move photos around and post them in this blog or on websites etc.
So you may start to find new post full of old things, like old images from e-mails people sent me or images, like the one below, from magazine articles and newspaper clippings.
This image is of Matt Toth (Gypsy Eyes), who started the whole Slam Poetry thing in Windsor.
I was pretty proud that he chose to wear a shirt that I made him for this photo shoot.
That's all folks.
Oh, and by the way, the Original T-Shirt and Print Art Show is happening in December, so start thinking and creating the things that people are going to want to buy, bid on, and give a Christmas gifts. Yes, this means you can print on paper, or purses or whatever, even though t-shirts is the preferred canvas.


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