Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Avalon Front Line-Up...

The Avalon Front line-up is enough to entice the meekest of show goers to tie on the closest pair of shoes they can find, and run to buy tickets for this event.
Not only are tickets already selling faster than we anticipated, but the reality of people being left in the cold due to slow response, is closer to happening each day.
The Avalon Front will host:

The Riderless (London) Thursday, 10:00pm @ The Avalon Front
This band rolls into town, rolls into a few beers, rolls onto stage, and then rolls music into your head, and then your eyes roll back, and you realize how much you love atmospheric music...with drums! We love this band, and they have brought their skills to town in the past to impress everyone in the room. See them.

Henri Faberge and The Adorables (Toronto) Thursday, 11:00pm @ The Avalon Front
These fun folks can only have good things about them. Here is a list of comments about this band:
"Imagine a happy family from Saskatchewan who got tired of performing in their living room, and decided to take the show to the Legion in the big city."
Here's another one!
"...the dazzling sounds of Henri Faberge and the Adorables, considered by some to be the most adorable conglomerate of muicians on the indie rock block. Indeed, those some may have been drunk and given to hyperbolic outbursts, but hey, let no man say that drunken hyperbole isn't a valid incentive for getting oneself out of the house."

Measured In Angles (Windsor) Thursday, 12:00am (midnight) @ The Avalon Front
Windsor loudness in all of it's experimental, rock/instrumental greatness. You couldn't find a better bunch of musicians to have in your club either. These kids will be slinging riffs and progressions and have loud-hunters asking for more.
-"Density in motion would be a fitting expression for whats coming. No less aggressive, but of a different sort; think of a white rhino or the gaping maw of a black hole."

Sunparlour Players (Toronto) Thursday, 1:00am @ The Avalon Front
Ragtime meets Arcade Fire meets banjos and dobros meets foot-stompin' greatness! This band has two kick drums, xylophone, electric bass, banjo, dobro, tambourine, and only two guys. The passion in the vocals is overwhelming, and the mixture of instruments and changes are dizzying.

Portia (Windsor) Friday, 10:00pm @ The Avalon Front
If you don't know how good Portia is, go find something to do with all of that dead part of your brain. You are missing out if you don't own at least one of their CDs. Trip-Hop/Down-Tempo/Rock is a perfect description for this Windsor jewel. I found something written that says it perfectly:
The unlikely combination of Portia's diverse influences is responsible for thier forward sound. By the emotive and engaging percussive stylings of Shane Miersch, the warm perfection on bass played by Eric Arner, the humbled guitar and ethereal, jazzy vocal haunts of Steph Copeland, an inspired new genre is created. Minimalist electronic overtones provide a moody backdrop for the edgy stories found in the lyrics.

The Locusts Have No King (Windsor) Friday, 11:00pm @ The Avalon Front
This trio of talent has been hard at work, I assume, because their first show in Windsor sounded like their hundredth. Their orignal songs sound too good to be true, to be written here in Windsor. Some of the grit in their music is so genuine, you might think they live in train cars in their spare time. They are fantastic! The Grunge/Folk/Roots genre is owned by these guys. As far as I'm concerned, you never go wrong with Dave Dubois, or a stand-up bass for that matter.

Raised By Swans (London) Friday, 12:00am (midnight) @ The Avalon Front
I, me, Tom, will be trying to catch some of this band at The Avalon. I know it will be hard to run out for a spell, but I might have to. This atmospheric stuff is unreal. Here's some press on the band.
-'beautifully constructed - and decidedly dark - musical visions' - Allan Wigney, The Ottawa Sun
-'i threw [the CD] in and it was a total gem. it was beautiful...driving guitars...ethereal sounding' - Amanda Putz, host of CBC Bandwidth
-'raised by swans know how to write shimmery, sprawling, sensitive epics and producer Andy Magoffin knows how to make them sound just right.' - eye weekly, Toronto

Fjord Rowboat (Toronto) Friday, 1:00am @ The Avalon Front
Craig Gloster and his project since 2004 is unreal. This Shoegaze/Psychadelic/Indie band will shiver you out of your chair. They sound so damn good, even on their myspace page, that I am sold on this band maybe being the highlight of the festival. Simple.

Friday Morning's Regret (Toronto) Saturday, 10:30pm @ The Avalon Front
These guys, sometimes on thier CDs, sound like a country trio that might actually get together to bake on occasion. But thier live act is nuts. These guys are punk/country in my best description. They rock harder than rock bands, and play passionately enough to have put a hole in the ceiling at Phog. Indie/Folk/Black Metal is their own description. The Black Metal part is what they add to their live show! Listen to their samples on the myspace link provided.

The Coast (Toronto) Saturday, 11:30pm @ The Avalon Front
I looked these guys up, and as friends of Tony at The Avalon, they are stars. I listen to the samples when I'm at home doing chores and when I'm able to be near my computer. Tony! Set aside a few of their CDs for me! I need to buy whatever they have! Some press they've gotten:
-"Growing up listening to bands like U2 or the Verve has proven to be an excellent spark, and the big, spacious guitar pop sound [The Coast] deliver pays homage to that, but comes across as their own ... The Coast are yet another example of the increasingly talented and seemingly unstoppable Canadian indie music scene" Rob Bolton, Exclaim! Magazine
-upbeat, shimmering pop music that could get folks dancing without a single disco hi-hat.....their EP more than delivers on the promise I saw in the live performance. Sometimes I complain about how slavishly anglophile Toronto can be, but every once in a while it pays off in spades." Frank Yang, Chromewaves.

The Golden Dogs (Toronto) Saturday, 12:30am @ The Avalon Front
In April's edition of PASTE Magazine, they included 'YEAH' on the CD sampler attached to the mag and also included a review of their album. We love PASTE and whatever they have to say. Here it is:
"O' Canada, you've done it again!
Jumping from rock to punk to pop, The Golden Dogs' debut will have you cranking up the volume in no time. Opening track 'Birdsong' introduces the obvious energy and fierce electric guitar these Canadians employ on their songs, along with spurts of Arcade Fiery harmonies. The band likes its rock messy and loud, and has plenty of character and musical imagination too. 'Parts' might take a few listens to reveal itself, but when it does, you'll understand why these Dogs are golden."
In short, this band kicks ass. They are getting incredible press everywhere.


At September 15, 2006 3:54 p.m. , Blogger The Voice Of Windsor said...

I went to AF last night to see DOA and the Magnificent 7. Great show, and their sound guy did a excellent job. The 'sound' of both performances were so good. Just wish I had money to take part in more of the shows. I'm broke till next month. :(


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