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The P.A. Music Festival Phog Line-Up

This is the second time I am posting this, as the first one was dashed into the cyberness of life when my webpage closed without warning.

This is the line-up that I know of for the P.A. Music Festival at Phog and The Avalon Front. The Avalon line-up will be final VERY soon, at which point it will be posted. I am allowed to say that Raised By Swans and Fjord Rowboat will be AMAZING! Tickets are on sale at Phog now. For details about what a ticket costs and the details of the festival, see the last post in this blog.

The bands playing Phog will be:

The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band and The Spirits
Thursday, 11:30pm @ Phog Lounge
These guys have been money in the bank with past shows, and recently played a furious Wednesday night show that even surprised people who came with high expectations. These kids...I wouldn't wanna play after these kids. Wax Mannequin isn't scared though...

Ten Year Drought (Windsor) Friday, 11:30pm @ Phog Lounge
This duo has been the most solid roots/rock/indie band that I have seen. Period. Great Lake Swimmers may give them a run, but they have, like, seven members! Seriously though, this band creates an atmosphere of sheer comfort, and the music peels away all the bad music you've been listening to in your car. Incredible performers. Windsor should be proud.

Citywide Vacuum (Windsor) Saturday, 10:00pm @ Phog Lounge
This kaleidoscope of talent is wicked. The mixture of live drums on top of beats and samples from two wizards behind a table, with a perfectly fitting female vocal...get back Jack. This foursome will set the tone for Saturday night the way no other Windsor band can. And you get to see a drummer wearing headphones. Awesome.


Twilight Hotel (Winnipeg) Thursday, 10:30pm @ Phog Lounge
This is a duo with the guy who plays his guitar backward better than most play it properly. This non-stop touring mini-squad always owns the crowd at Phog and delivers some incredible mid-Canadian alternative/roots/folk music. Yes, Dave looks like a cross between Anderson of Golden Hands...Kiefer Sutherland, and Neil Helmer, and with all that going for him, he is still in a band with Brandy, who will accordion you to a blissful place every time she's on stage.

Wax Mannequin (Hamilton) Thursday, 12:30am @ Phog Lounge
The President of Indie/Rock. He is the man. Simple. No one puts it out there like him. He is the most intense performer many will ever see. By himself, he will command the attention of all, and he has a new EP available! This guy was just featured on CBC Radio 3's Podcast and was the most requested performer for the All-Request Labour Day Edition of the podcast. He will rock you into oblivion.

The Mark Inside (Toronto) Thursday, 1:30am @ Phog Lounge
Speaking of rocking you into oblivion. This band was playing Phog when Despistado was still around. These boys are being asked to play all over the place, and are in the works with a new CD which will be produced in England in October. If you like rock music, at all, you will kiss the ground these guys walk on. They are starlit performers of the highest degree. I love them.

Dean Drouillard (Toronto) Friday, 10:30pm @ Phog Lounge
Please. This Windsor native just had one of his songs chosen as the theme song for the CBC drama 11 Cameras, on top of being one of the most clutch, go-to musicians in all of Toronto. His guitar work will dazzle, and his songwriting will melt you. See him. He is one of our favourites as well.

Run With The Kittens (Toronto) Friday, 12:30am @ Phog Lounge
I don't even know how to classify these guys. They describe thier style as indie/rock/hip hop on myspace, but they hit even more genres of music in one set than most bands do in multiple-phased careers. They are the most engaging, personable band to ever take the stage at Phog, having conversations between sets, cracking jokes through Phantom of The Opera masks, and making really damn good music. These musicians had other musicians in the crowd with their mouths agape. "How is he playing like that?" seemed to be the most popular question when talking about every single band member.

The Ride Theory (Hamilton) Friday, 1:30am @ Phog Lounge
This bunch needs no support from this blurb. 70s-rock meets surf-rock meets upbeat-Beatles. This band starts and doesn't stop, and has forced groups of wayward drinkers to stand up and dance for long periods of time. You will buy their CD, so I hope they bring enough. You can find press about these youngsters anywhere you look. For kids this age to be this good is...scary.

A Northern Chorus (Golden Horseshoe, ON) Saturday, 11:00pm @ Phog Lounge
I heard that there is a group of people interested in coming to this festival JUST to see this band. They are coming in full-force...six pieces...and will send an ocean of sound through your senses (more than just hearing) so that you will have to go out for a smoke to get some breathing air. They pummel me every time they play with beautiful vocals and cello-led soundscapes. People might watch this through the glass in the front window if they can't get in.

Lindy (Toronto) Saturday, 12:00am (midnight) @ Phog Lounge
Lindy is the kindest, gentlest 6-foot-7er who has ever sang a note. His voice is unyielding and he has played for Trudeau for goodness sake! When he was 6! This big guy, with whoever he brings to accompany him, is one of the most enjoyable performers Canada has to offer the world. I mean that. You would have to hate yourself to not want to see him perform. His list of achievements goes on and on. Check google if you don't believe me.

The High Strung (Detroit) Saturday, 1:00am @ Phog Lounge
NPR named The High Strung’s debut album "These Are The Good Times" as one of the Top 10 Rock Records of 2003, and the Washington Post called the title track, “runner up best song of the year.”
A Detroit pop-rock band that makes everyone want to dance as soon as they hear this sometimes-70s punk-rock band destroy all in the area. They are the best band in Detroit as far as Phog is concerned. NPR has given them ringing endorsements, and they opened for Bob Pollard of the hugely successful Guided By Voices! This trio is strong enough to close out the Phog portion of the festival...and that's why they are...and the bass player will make so many eyes bug out that they have to go last so we can clean up the mess afterward.

I get excited just looking at this list of photos!
Come and get your tickets now!


At September 17, 2006 2:03 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've looked at the lineup for the P.A. Music Fest and I've got to say that I feel sorry for the rest of the world that, for three days, Windsor will be hogging all the awesome.


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