Thursday, June 28, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Phog Weekend June 29-30

The nearing-legendary performances of Sunparlour Players will add another big chapter this Friday, when they come to play as a three-piece, sometimes four-piece band.
It will be unlike anything you've ever seem from them. They will blow you away. Word is that Al Penner, brother of Andrew, will sit on on something also.
Ron Leary and Mr. Chill will also be on site for collaborative and solo work, as I'm told.
Bring money for homemade jam and mustard.

Saturday brings us more of a rockabilly flair, when Whoa Nellie! slides onto the Phog stage. They have been recording at the Shar Tank for part of the week, and they are as practiced as they ever will be for a gig like this one. Big Luke will be drumming, as Josh Zalev will attend to play bass on some songs, and Mark Roy (The Kid) will accent the songs the way only he can...with bulging eyes and fingers ablur.

Come see these shows if you know what's good for you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Funniest Internet Video Clip Ever

You're Welcome.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mary-Ellen brings in more goodies!

Ryan Fields and Mary-Ellen came strolling in with some of these goodies tonight.

There's more where that came from.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

T-Shirt Art Show Photo

Yeah, some are blurry. That's the have to actually get off your butt to come in and see them!
But, here's a taste.

Windsor Live Music: June 22nd & 23rd at Phog

Square Root of Margaret (Chatham) and Golden Lake Diner (Hamilton) play Friday June 22nd!

Out of Sound Records has a showcase on Saturday June 23rd, with the Dead Love Triangles (Brantford), Meggi Faye (Toronto), and Innes Wilson (Guelph).

Both of these nights are opportunities to experience some new music, unless you're smart enough to have already been at a Square Root of Margaret show.

Visit their sites, and if they intrigue you, come see them this weekend.

Photos Coming Soon!!

Windsor Live Music: DJ Dreams For Nickels

If you have not heard this guy...get a clue.
He's an Amherstburg dude who knows how to create a mood with vinyl.
He played on the night we hung the T-Shirt Art Show (photos coming) and I was beyond impressed with his music choices. In fact, one of his tracks forced me to go out and buy an artist I've never heard of...Squarepusher.

So, I think that we'll be trying to get him in at least one Friday or Saturday per month.
Yes, it was that good.

If you see his name anywhere, go check him out.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

T-Shirt Art Show hung tonight...with a DJ

Looking for some sweet vinyl sounds and a huge pile of original t-shirts and vintage clothes?
Tonight at Phog, the beginnings of the Original T-Shirt Art Show are being hung, filling every wall, and lots of unique women's designs have been pouring in to make the show more unisex than usual. There are skirts, bags, dresses, and more...

Come check out the new clothes while they're still available.
They'll only be hanging until the end of the month, but many of the items are cash & carry, so they may disappear before you even get to look at them.

Come see the stuff, it's incredibly unique this time around...with some shirt designs being comprised of nothing but sewing designs of detailed images, while others are mind-challenging silkscreens that I think I will end up buying too many of...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Mother, Mother (Vancouver) and Lotus Child (Vancouver) this Friday!

Okay, okay...

This is a big night coming up on Friday.

Mother, Mother (Vancouver) and Lotus Child (Vancouver) are coming to clobber Phog.

I emplore you to go listen to their music, as it will surely be the medicine you need.

I repeat...this is another "I told you so" type of show. You DO NOT want to miss this.

Here are some testimonials/reviews of the new album, Touch Up by Mother, Mother:

"Listening to Mother Mother is like reading Hunter S. Thompson – you end up in a place where reality has been delightfully skewed, though you’re not altogether aware of it." - ML, Chart Attack

"TOUCH UP comes packed with acute, snappy pop songs...the free-spirited TOUCH UP feels refreshing as an album isolated from a lot of today's worn-out trends and aesthetic mimicry." - Pitchfork Media

"Touch Up may just be the best album of 2007, and Mother Mother have set the standard that everyone -- Arcade Fire, Stars, Wolf Parade, The New Pornographers, everyone -- will have to try and measure themselves against." - I Heart Music

" As the album starts with some muted chords, a cowbell and a three part round you sense you are about to hear something different from the norm. Folky, bluegrass breakdowns and harmonies are paired with freak folk interludes, yelps and drums. I know this sounds like it would never work, but it really does." - Hero Hill, Music Blog

"Mother Mother, a brilliantly playful pop quintet from Vancouver, covers all the big subjects (love, death, transvestitism) on their debut disc, and always finds the dark fun in them." - The Globe and Mail - 4 stars

"While their dynamic vocal interplay often draws comparisons to The Pixies, Touch Up is like nothing you’ve ever heard before." - Sandra Sperounes - The Edomonton Journal

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Kill Devil Hills (Australia) playing surprise show Wednesday

This band of Mad-Max-meets-Bounty-Hunters came srtrolling into the bar tonight, looking for a gig tomorrow.
Tough thing to do.
But, they are incredible.

The Kill Devil Hills, from Australia, have a heapload of talent.
A show in New York was cancelled at the last minute, and since they were in town anyway after North by Northwest festival in Toronto to play The Avalon Front June 10th, it was natural that they find us...and our stage.

This band is as solid as they come, and they are all friendly, fantastic people.
Check out their website, and then come and see them live.

It'll just be them, and it'll be donations at the door or pass-the-hat for payment...

The show will begin around 9:30pm, so don't come late expecting a show...come early...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Mark Wilson (Ottawa) wsg The Phonogarde Saturday

Mark Wilson is an Ottawa singer who, after being listened to, brings people to his fanbase. I have already spoken to people privy to this upcoming show who decided to check out his myspace page, and to their surprise, were amazed by his samples.

The Phonogarde boys will be supporting Mark, which, to my knowledge, they have done before.

It will be a friendly atmosphere, with musicians familiar with one another.
Why not go to their websites and become familiar with their music?
Mark Wilson and Jason Collett

The Phonogarde - The Weirdness One
Mark Wilson - Blackout The Ballroom
The Phonogarde playing Phog Lounge

They play Saturday night at Phog.
Come pay attention.

Mark Wilson likes Teen Wolf

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Rebekah Higgs wsg Jon Epworth (Halifax) & Tara Watts Wednesday

Rebekah Higgs has been here with her band.
Jon Epworth and The Improvements have also left Halifax to visit to Phog.
Tara Watts is a treat on any night of the week.

All three will be playing Wednesday night, bringing the volume up, and the excitement along with it.

When Higgs was here, I had the pleasure of working and hearing the higher-than-expected energetic stylings of the band.
Epworth, on the other hand, played on my night off, on a real rocker of a Friday night, and all that were present found themselves watching a guy who has been playing rock music in Canada for a long time. According to those who know his checkered musical past, this most recent incarnation is his tamest, while still blowing the roof off with energy.

If you feel like seeing a hum-dinger of a show...a progressively louder night, from the calmness of Tara Watts, to the playful Rebekah Higgs, ending with the thunder-infused Epworth, come to Phog tomorrow night. Wednesday June 6th.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Run With The Kittens Saturday

Above: How The Kittens See Themselves
Below: The Bus In All Its Glory

Run with the Kittens has played Phog twice before.
They blew people away the first time, because no one knew what they were in for...
The second time was during the P.A. Music Festival and they cleaned up...prompting encores on both occasions.

These guys roll into town in a full-size school bus painted black, with the moniker of the band written along the side. It is compartmentalized for parties in each nook and cranny.

Above: Good Drummers Look Like This

How good are they? These dudes play every week at The Cameron House...a Toronto institution of great music. They're that good.
Each band member seems to have evolved beyond your everyday musician. Even the vocalist, Nathan, who is small in stature, is HUGE in voice. This guy has one of the strongest rock-voices I've ever heard. No kidding. Bigger than the Rock Biter from The Neverending Story (Part One only).

A Nice Kittenized T-shirt

This band is more diverse than any other performer to ever visit Phog. They turn hip-hop anthems into rock ballads, and they turn rock ballads into lounge-lizard acts.

These guys are so unbelievably talented, the only proper appreciation is coming to see them in person. Nothing compares. Truly.

Below: This Is What They Bring