Saturday, June 02, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Run With The Kittens Saturday

Above: How The Kittens See Themselves
Below: The Bus In All Its Glory

Run with the Kittens has played Phog twice before.
They blew people away the first time, because no one knew what they were in for...
The second time was during the P.A. Music Festival and they cleaned up...prompting encores on both occasions.

These guys roll into town in a full-size school bus painted black, with the moniker of the band written along the side. It is compartmentalized for parties in each nook and cranny.

Above: Good Drummers Look Like This

How good are they? These dudes play every week at The Cameron House...a Toronto institution of great music. They're that good.
Each band member seems to have evolved beyond your everyday musician. Even the vocalist, Nathan, who is small in stature, is HUGE in voice. This guy has one of the strongest rock-voices I've ever heard. No kidding. Bigger than the Rock Biter from The Neverending Story (Part One only).

A Nice Kittenized T-shirt

This band is more diverse than any other performer to ever visit Phog. They turn hip-hop anthems into rock ballads, and they turn rock ballads into lounge-lizard acts.

These guys are so unbelievably talented, the only proper appreciation is coming to see them in person. Nothing compares. Truly.

Below: This Is What They Bring


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