Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Rebekah Higgs wsg Jon Epworth (Halifax) & Tara Watts Wednesday

Rebekah Higgs has been here with her band.
Jon Epworth and The Improvements have also left Halifax to visit to Phog.
Tara Watts is a treat on any night of the week.

All three will be playing Wednesday night, bringing the volume up, and the excitement along with it.

When Higgs was here, I had the pleasure of working and hearing the higher-than-expected energetic stylings of the band.
Epworth, on the other hand, played on my night off, on a real rocker of a Friday night, and all that were present found themselves watching a guy who has been playing rock music in Canada for a long time. According to those who know his checkered musical past, this most recent incarnation is his tamest, while still blowing the roof off with energy.

If you feel like seeing a hum-dinger of a show...a progressively louder night, from the calmness of Tara Watts, to the playful Rebekah Higgs, ending with the thunder-infused Epworth, come to Phog tomorrow night. Wednesday June 6th.


At June 05, 2007 6:58 p.m. , Blogger greerkind said...

Jerks! You always book her on nights I'm working! That's it. I quit. See you Wednesday.


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