Thursday, November 09, 2006

The end of this week...

A great foreshortening exercise.

As this weeks draws to a close, we have a clearer picture of what will be happening with our schedule for music.
We want NON-show-goers to know when there are no shows as much as we want music fans to know when bands are playing.
As far as we know, Sunday through Thursday will be FREE ADMISSION days, meaning there are no events, or the events are free. The only time we will not stick to this plan, is when an undeniable great show is asking for a mid-week or off-night show. If this happens, the shows will be properly promoted and publicized, so that the bands who deserve a crowd...get one.

The weekends will be our strongest offering on a regular basis, with Open Mic Surgery with Ron Leary anchoring the early week.
With The Avalon Front sceduling more Saturday shows in upcoming weeks, it makes for an even stronger reason to come downtown to see live music.

The Creeping Nobodies were a pleasant surprise. Very, very good.

The mid-week shows, again, will be posted with much notice, as to not interfere with the non-show-goers expectations of fun "talk-filled" nights at Phog. We know that bands can hinder the fun interaction with their big sounds, but sometimes, they will not be denied a weeknight if they are bringing the GOODS!

For instance, Friday Morning's Regret (Toronto) and The Locusts Have No King will be playing a mid-week show in December, but because they are incredible, and they don't have many shows scheduled in the same timeframe, it should be a barn-burner.

We are doing this for you, and we are doing this for the bands.
We book entertainers who we feel deserve the attention, praise, and record sales, so this is our way of trying to make sure they get it.

Hope to hear from people about what they think about the changes once they are noticeably in effect. We want only the best shows we can offer, and that means better bands, less often. No more watering down the week.

A couple of nice shots of Halloween spirit at Phog:

Frank as an Asian person...

Dave (Plastic Man) and Paul getting to become "Super Friends"

Just a shot I took in Ann Arbor. Why are all these changes coming in the Fall, the time of change? Coincidence? No.


At November 10, 2006 10:18 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can we get the advance info on scheduling?


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