Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Results of the CBC Radio 3 Celebration Wish List

Wish List CBC Radio 3 performer mentions:

The New Pornographers - 9
Holy Fuck – 9
Feist - 9
Joel Plaskett - 8
Metric - 8
Tokyo Police Club - 8
The Constantines - 7
Neko Case - 7
K'Naan - 7
Arcade Fire - 7
Sloan - 7
Mother Mother - 5
Elliott Brood - 4
Final Fantasy - 4
Patrick Watson - 4
Black Mountain - 4
Broken Social Scene - 4
Weakerthans - 3
Chad Vangaalen - 3
Handsome Furs - 3
Born Ruffians - 3
Lindy - 3
The Tragically Hip - 3
The Arkells - 3
Wintersleep - 3
Tegan & Sara - 3
Sun Parlour Players - 2
Daniel Lanois - 2
Crystal Castles - 2
Major Maker - 2
The Dudes - 2
A.C. Newman - 2
Shout Out Out Out Out - 2
Eric's Trip - 2
Great Lakes Swimmers - 2
Marianas Trench - 2
Wolf Parade - 2
Stars - 2
Stompin' Tom - 2
Said the Whale - 2
Plants and Animals - 2
Winter Gloves - 2
Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains – 2
The Awkward Stage
Ron Leary (Windsor)
Michou (Windsor)
Pat Robitaille (Windsor)
Swan Lake
Sam Roberts
Katie Stelmanis
Do Make Say Think
Apostle of Hustle
Scarlet Sins
Plants and Animals
Hawksley Workman
Die Manniquin
Fuck the Facts
Young Galaxy
Carolyn Mark
Iris Dement
John Prine
Amos The Transparent
The Mark Inside
Kid Koala
Ghislain Poirier
Bedouin Soundclash
Man Man
Peanutbutter Wolf
Buck 65
Jason Collett
Fox Jaws
City and Colour
Sarah Harmer
Alun Pigguns
Damien Rice
Pink Mountaintops
Deletequest for fire
Luke Doucet
Social Code
Basia Bulat
Magneta Lane
Huey Lewis and the News!

Your thoughts?

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Phog's First Annual Beard and Moustache Contest results from March 17th...

The scores are in!
It was outstandingly hilarious, fun, and good-natured. Two women entered the event, with dreadlocks, and a wig.

The men had wax, lengthy beards, and smiles.
Frank even entered, with a dyed-blonde handlebar moustache to accompany his insane soul-patch.
(All photos of Phog contestants are thanks to Erin "ElizaDeth")
Here's a shot of Jackie...
Sean Gorman...

The whole crew, including me, and Bogart...
and Matthew Romain...the eventual winner of the contest...and a voucher for a 20 Litre keg of Walkerville beer!

What a huge success! A shouting, laughing crowd and a dedicated judging panel made up of sniffing women named Marissa, Merry Ellen, Dianne, and Claire. So incredible!

Thanks to everyone who got involved and came out!

After the are some images of my insane get into the spirit of the contest...trimmed by my wife Jhoan, and coloured with dry-erase markers by me.
Spells Phog...duh!

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Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Insideamind (Toronto) and Magnolius (Toronto) Friday, March 27th at Phog

From Emily Copeland, of Minced Meat:
"Some much deserved recognition about their latest release "Scatterpopia:"
"Mangling the listener’s preconceptions" OKAYPLAYER
"A great album" URB
"One of the years finer discoveries" NOW
Not only have they shared the stage with DJ greats such as Kid Koala and D-Styles at Low End Theory, they've performed alongside RJD2 and Vast Aire in TO, and right now they're working to bring their brand of turntablism to the performance THEATRE at Toronto's internationally acclaimed Fringe Festival! DJ's Eric and Cheldon also run Off Centre DJ School in Toronto: yep, it's their day job to teach kids how to spin. Their latest release "Scatterpopia" features both original and sampled material, as well as a collaboration with Ninja Tune's Ghislain Poirier.
Magnolius are two emcees from Toronto who have definitely created their own sub-genre of hip hop. It's not quite nerd rap, backpacker or "caveman" hip hop, but you might (very loosely) compare it to artists such as Listener or Aesop Rock, laced with jazz, funk and rock instrumentation. Their live performances are always tightly constructed, and together with iNSiDEaMiND will provide an innovative show that you've never seen, nor heard. Some true gems from the Northern underground! They've also toured Brazil, Japan and parts of Europe with friends from PPF House Leo37."

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Phog Design Challenge

Just a little challenge to our very sharp art-minded customers and supporters.

Kagan McLeod and his brother Sean McLeod (director of Steph Copeland's new music video) are responsible for the amazing original mural on the side of Phog...the one with the dogs, birds, and woman holding a martini glass...

We have been trying to convince Kagan to come back to his hometown, from Toronto, to design and paint the FRONT of Phog Lounge. He is VERY BUSY, illustrating for almost every major magazine in Canada, and The National Post. He's a BEAST.

We want our logo and....something...on the front to tell people what we do/are...and we're stuck.

I think one of the things keeping him back was our inability to supply a design.
So, we're asking for your help.
There are no prizes.
There are bragging rights if part or all of your design is configured into the eventual painting of the building. You see, according to his brother, Sean, Kagan plans to return to Windsor in early April (SOON) and we need your help before then.

The image at the top of this post is something I recently saw and thought, "Whoa...this is interesting looking, I wonder what Kagan and Sean can do?"

So, if we can supply him with some ideas, maybe we can have a wicked-looking little building form the front for our CBC Radio 3 celebration.

You can e-mail me your ideas or designs at or you can simply bring them by the bar ASAP.

- ALSO -
Kagan is not happy with his original piece of art.
So, his condition for doing the front of the building is that he is allowed to erase and redesign PART of the original mural. We're okay with this. He's a brilliant talent, and with his brother, will make something outstanding. He wants to remove the woman holding the martini glass...and we can't say no if he wants to change it...
So, you may want to help re-imagine THAT part of the building also...or, take as many photos of it as you can to remember it the way it is now.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Windsor Detroit Live Music: April Listings

Black Diamond Bay (Toronto) with Patrick Krief of The Dears - April 17th at Phog Lounge
2 - WAMM Magazine - One Year Anniversary Party - Music Video Contest Screenings
3 - The New Kings (Toronto) w/ High Mother
4 - Slow Down, Molasses (Saskatoon) w/ Valery Gore (Toronto)
5 - Brasstronaut (Vancouver) w/ The Whitsundays and A Welcome Breeze
7 - University of Windsor Grad Reading & 2nd Installment of Tech Tuesday (6:30pm)
8 - Azeda Booth (Calgary)
10 - The Perpetrators (Winnipeg) w/ Mr. Chill & TBA
11 - Elecroluminescent (Hamilton) w/ What Seas, What Shores
14 - The Pack A.D. (Vancouver) 2nd link w/ Another Saturday Knight
15 - Book Launch - Experiments at 3 Billion A.M. by Alexander Zelenyj (8pm)
17 - Black Diamond Bay with Patrick Krief of The Dears (Toronto) w/ Helsinki Go & The Mustard Branches
18 - The Mindframes w/ Metro4 (London)
19 - Spooky Reuben (Toronto) w/ The Love Machine (Ottawa) & The Tyres
21 - Brzowski & Shane Blakemore & 3rd Installment of Tech Tuesday (6:30pm)
22 - The Peace Leeches (Chatham) & (WH)Y.M.E(??)
23 - Ron Leary Band w/ Gianna Lauren (Halifax)
24 - Alun Piggins (Toronto) w/ The Heels
25 - Barzin (Toronto) w/ Nick Zubeck (Toronto) & Music Minus You
26 - SAC Songwriters Group
27 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
28 - Shiv and The Shams (8pm)
29 - ???? Immaculate Machine (Vancouver) w/ TBA ????

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Let the CBC Radio 3 Celebration suggestions begin!!

Well, it's time to make a wish-list.

It's called a WISH list for a reason.

The CBC Radio 3 celebration will be coming before too long (date to be released soon), and we need to know WHO you want to see play.

So, I need as many recommendations as possible left as comments on this blog post.
I've been asked to create a wish list, and now, as the folks who made this possible, I need your suggestions which may become a reality.


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Live Stream of The United Steel Workers of Montreal and The Locusts Have No King

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

This show was stunning. I cannot believe that we got to see this show, followed by Michou, Amos The Transparent, and Library Voices...I mean, c'mon...this is just unfair! My brother Rodd came down from LONDON to see this show! Thanks Steel Workers for bringing my bro home.

And if you are a complete shut-in...with bad web skills, you can now see selected shows LIVE streaming on the web at this address...

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Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Michou, Amos The Transparent (Ottawa), and Library Voices (Regina)

Yet another insanely successful all-ages show was observed on Sunday, due mostly to the fact that Michou and Stefan (Efan) played, but also because Amos The Transparent (Ottawa) had their OWN following. This is pretty impressive because it was their first show in Windsor. I knew who they were before they booked the show with Michou, as I had heard their name on CBC Radio 3 a few times. The day show was crisp, tight, and apparently a hit with the packed house of under-agers. It seemed like the Ottawa visitors sold a nice chuck of merch, which is always satisfying for a booker like me.

Also, to make note of a SUPER development...Amos The Transparent PLAYED HIPSTER HOCKEY with us. Not me, as I went home to shower for the day-show...but everyone else who stayed to play. Awesome.

In the evening, it seemed like all hell had broken loose. We were all unaware of who would go when, and whose set was happening where. Library Voices from Regina showed up in order to fulfill the set they planned with me, as an add-on, to Michou's night-show (a mirror of the day-show). They are a band ten members strong. We hoped they needn't load in all of their gear, if they could do some borrowing. But the bands were out, gallivanting...and enjoying the city. We weren't sure we could borrow their amps and such, which made for some hasty decisions, but Amos The Transparent was SUPER COOL in not caring about the lending of their gear (not instruments) to Library Voices.

To say the least, I was blown to shreds as the hobbled eight-piece Library Voices took the stage (and floor) and unloaded. It might as well have been The New Pornographers for crying out loud. The sound was prime! By the way, Ryan Drabble, from Slow Down, Molasses was responsible for traversing that mystical double-soundboard action. He was a stellar guy to boot...but he made them sound as good as anyone could have under that roof. AND HE WAS RUSHED!

The best part was that, as I knew I'd be leaving, likely before their set, they hurried and got set up in time for me to hear two songs. Rino, from Black Kettle Bistro, and I were in awe. This was the opening band for the night show! I knew they were good, but THIS?! Brilliant.

I hope all these bands decide to come back...really...
For those of you who want to see the live stream for this afternoon show, here it is.
Live TV by Ustream

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patrick's Beard and Moustache Contest with PRIZES!!

Yes. Prizes For Best Beard/Moustache.
Walkerville Brewing Company is donating vouchers to the top three finalists of the Phog Lounge First Annual Beard and Moustache Competition.
The second and third place finishers will receive vouchers for Growlers! Each Growler is holds almost as much beer as a six pack! 1.89 litres or 5.5 bottles in one jug.
From Walkerville's site
"An American tradition, the growler resembles a moonshine jug. In the early 1800s, fresh beer was carried from pub to home by means of small galvanized pails. Rumour has it that beer sloshing around the pail created a rumbling sound as the Co2 escaped though the lid- the term "growler" was coined."

And the first place finisher will be rewarded a voucher for a 20-Litre Keg of Walkerville Beer!
To see a list of the beer available from Walkerville, go HERE.
What does it take to win?
Well, this guy won a recent competition somewhere -
But for most people who were NOT paying attention to the Facebook event I sent out MONTHS ago to grow their beards out, I figure that whoever trims, shapes, carves, and designs their short beards into something respectably unique is who has a chance to win this thing.

On St. Patrick's Day, we will judge the beards/moustaches at 10pm.
If you are not at Phog by 10pm to have your beard judged (before you do other St. Patrick's Day things) you will not be judged. It will be a simple series of looks from the judges, some scoring, based on originality and commitment to the contest...and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
Thanks again to Walkerville Brewing for making these great prizes available.
If you know someone who might be able to win these prizes, with or without your sculpting or selective shaving help, maybe keeping beards of unusual length, send them to Phog on St. Patrick's Day! Frank and Tom will both be shaving their beard creatively, although we cannot compete.

Any ideas?

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Phog Cakes...

A simple video to show that we have been getting cakes. Plural. Cakessss.
We are flattered and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support...and...cake.
Thanks again to all.

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Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Whale Tooth...February 28th visitors

Here's a little video of a band that hit our stage at the end of February.
Whale Tooth hit the stage after My Son, My Son warmed it up.
Another Saturday Knight took over after Whale Tooth, and I think all can agree, it was a fantastic show.

Thanks to Jamie Greer for helping to book openers.
Everyone was SO EASY to work with.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Phog shout out...

The Globe and Mail's Brad Wheeler mentions Phog Lounge in a piece about best clubs in Canada.
You should check it out.

Again, with this kind of attention, Windsor on the tip of the tongue, with regards to music, I really hope Windsor arts take heed and advantage of this. The chance to impress further is at hand.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

A crossover, because it's about Windsor music.

The response has been great to the last post.
It even sparked blog posts separate from this one, like on Chris White's (of CJAM) newish blog, Make The Road By Walking. Click on his show name to read his post. It was super informative, from a community radio perspective. VERY important.

To be clear, I think that ANY discussion is good, even if it doesn't match up with my own opinions.
And this is key.
We are meeting to discuss this further at Phog Lounge on Tuesday March 10th. It was supposed to be at The Fish Market, and follow The Last Trio's performance. However, The Last Trio has been moved to Phog Lounge, due to the taping of The Comic Book Syndicate at The Fish Market instead. I will be getting to Phog as close to 10pm as possible, but the meeting is set to happen around 10pm at Phog.

We'll be discussing all things distribution, and the future outlook of Windsor music (on a large scale) and how we can nudge that development as a dedicated group of creatives.

Speaking with Jamie Greer, who has a WICKED new blog up at we were both in the same head-space, agreeing that things are changing, and that we can either stick to the status quo, or change. And musicians can do this mutually exclusive of every other musician in the city or TOGETHER, with a mission to become a leader of alternate music distribution...through action, not discussion.

What Seas, What Shores popped in last night as well, and I threw this whole, "lose the CD" thing at them. Kyle Marchand just shook his head when talking about the bands' recent CD release. It seemed evident that they wish they had done it another way. I'm hoping he, or some of the band, will be at this discussion.

On the same eve, I tossed the topic at Stefan C. (Efan Music). He has a sweet blog going TOO! Yesssss. Here it is. Anyways, when I brought up the topic, he giggled. What was so funny? He told me that his next CD, which he has been planning, will not be on a CD! I was flabbergasted. This isn't a lost concept. Someone is already planning this. Fantastic.

To finish, I'd like to add some more insight.
Speaking to my sister-in-law, Lyn, she told me that everyone she sees in her travels (which is all over the United States - more than you or I would like) uses an iPod or MP3 player. They all use them. And I think this is the part that's lost on those apprehensive to jump into digital distribution with both feet. I have a sneaking suspicion that they do not own iPods, and thus, do not understand that CDs do not enter the equation. Forget the iPod. When phones (iPhone or other ubiquitous HANDHELD DEVICES) become the norm (3 years? Less?) people will not want CDs even more. They will want to come to shows, with MP3 players or phones, or hybrids, and plug-in to the band's computer, get the album, and get their personalized artwork (or whatever) and split.

Lyn made a great observation and suggestion. When CBC Radio 3 comes to have this show (in the summer? spring?) that a mobilization of Windsor musicians will have already needed to happen. If local performers can get "some" music together for digital distribution, the following would be possible. We can make a grand statement that anyone bringing MP3 players to the big event, will get a series of free samples (one or two songs per band) of Windsor bands/musicians in digital format- on the spot. It'd be an introduction to stuff that many Windsorites have NEVER heard before. I fully expect many unknowns to be at this large event, which I hope spans MANY venues on the big day.

CBC local wants to be on-hand for this celebration, and thus, aware of all things happening. CBC Radio 3 would be made FULLY aware of this groundbreaking offer we'd be making to all attendees of the event, and it would become national news upon its reporting. We could LEAD in a local movement to evolve our music citizenry. And it can only carry forward from there. It's a great idea! When Lyn said it, I said, "I'm blogging about this tonight."

Having one of these MP3 devices play so prominently, like SO MANY of us know, the CD has become bulky, a nuisance, and laughable as a medium for music. There's more dust on the CDs at Phog than stink in the bathrooms! Even Frank has an iPod!

Finally, I just can't believe the response I've gotten from musicians, and producers of music, telling me that this is an exciting prospect. And it's all yours Windsor! You can take it and run with it, and make something new. Make a name for music in Windsor unlike ANY class of musician has ever done before you.
Just an idea.

Let the comments fly.

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Some video of new things at Phog

Enjoy this lovely surprise. This will only be new to you if you didn't pay attention over the last two days. This is AWESOME. If you ever doubted things were changing for the better, this is one example!

And secondarily, this video was shot a day later..

And in the vid, I say that I think George Manury from Rogues Gallery Comics is responsible for the art...but I meant Rizok. They're almost the same guy, no?

Love this community SO MUCH!

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Phog Lounge Press Updates

As I trawl the Google-Tubes, I am finding new articles about Phog, and the recent successes with CBC Radio 3.
I think you'd like to see these articles, so I will continue posting them.
Here are three more links worth checking out.

Windsor Star (March 3, 2009)
Juxtaposition Jukebox (CJAM radio show)

This week at Phog!
March 5th
Oh! C.N.A.P. (Craft Night at Phog) will begin at 6:30pm in the back portion of the bar. Local crafters will get together and make stuff, all the while, drinking coffee, tea, and beer. If crafting is your thing, and you want to meet some new people who are into manual manufacturing, come to Phog on the 5th.
March 6
Konqistador (Turkey/Windsor) w/ Dekadens (Bucharest, Romania. How can I tell you about these bands? I need earplugs when Konqistador plays, but the awesome still leaks in. This is one of the rare shows when the band comes in and sets up TONS of gear, lights, and other show enhancers (fog machine, I believe).
Every time these guys play here, it's a spectacle, and the music is powerful. I HIGHLY recommend that you see these bands, as they don't exactly show up often. Dekadens is from ROMANIA for crying out loud! Come and see a band from ROMANIA!

March 7
Adam Rideout-Arkell (of Yellow Wood) will be playing solo, which I have seen recently at Open Mic Nights. He's a vocal monster, and his songwriting is incredible because it doesn't follow the architecture of most songs. Aside from that, you don't get much better people than Adam.

Bianca Oran (of Del Rios) will also be playing solo, and this will be my first time hearing her. I'm looking forward to it.

Efan will be putting his talents on display in one way or another. You see, the dude can play ukulele in his sleep, and sing his butt off, but he also has an affinity for electronic music production. When he busts out the samples, playing and singing over top of it, there's yet another golden prize for showing up at Phog.

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