Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: FAM Party Saturday, September 14th

The FAM Fest continues at Phog Lounge with a nutty line-up of nine bands!
Here's the list.
This Is Me As A Woman
High Mother
Vice Verses
Salt of the Chief Cornerstone
Kadro (Detroit)
Mobil (Detroit)
Twilight Sentinels
Stone Pipers

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: FAM FEST!! The Original Lady Eyes, Aquila, Make Me Young, Street Pharmacy, and Ictus Saturday, September 13th

Video says it all.
Check the links for the event info.
The Original Lady Eyes
Ictus (Toronto)
Make Me Young (Toronto)
Street Pharmacy (Welland)

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Young Rival (Hamilton) Friday, September 12th

What a spoiling we're getting this month!
Young Rival? The old "Ride Theory" boys revamped and slaying everywhere they go (as usual) are coming back to the place they might be loved most...

I was minding my own business, reading my music blogs for the day, and while perusing Stereogum, I saw this advanced release of Young Rival, and a very favourable review! Stereogum!? Hello?! For these guys to be giving reviews like this is no small feat! These boys have played BOTH P.A. Festivals and are going to be a major pick-me-up this month.

Better yet, they are going to be playing two shows this day.
Yes, they are doing an all ages show! Join the Phog All Ages Squad for details on every all ages show.

Check all these links to see more about these dudes.
Young Rival
Young Rival
Young Rival

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Al Tuck (Halifax) w/ Kenneth MacLeod Thursday, September 11th

Are you kidding me?
We have a Canadian legend like Al Tuck coming, and we could not find a more perfect accompaniment than local East Coast legend Kenneth MacLeod!
Thursday September 11th, mark it down.

I think this might feel like sitting in a bar in Halifax, with lots of rolled cigarette breaks out front, and several, several beers enjoyed over stories that will tear me to stitches. From what I hear of Al Tuck's last show at Phog, it was hysterically fun/funny.

Come see how pros do it.

Here's a video of Kenneth playing an unorthodox style, without his fiddle...where is this?

For more on Al Tuck...from his website:
"Al Tuck is a Canadian singer/songwriter/sometimes-bandleader long associated with the fertile Halifax, Nova Scotia music scene. No Action is the name of his band. No Action membership appears to be ever-changing. Al has been described as "one of North America's least known exceptional songwriters." He grew up on pastoral Prince Edward Island, the smallest of Canada's ten provinces and moved to Halifax, where he began in earnest his musical pursuits, eventually forming the band Bluegrass Lawnmower, which played local venues of an 'alternative' nature. Depending on how you might look at it, the style of music was either well behind, or just ahead of its time. His career officially began in 1994 with the release of two albums, Arhoolie and Brave Last Days, on murderecords, a label formed by Halifax pop group Sloan. These releases earned critical praise and led to sporadic touring across the Canadian region, but not to any great commercial success or long-lasting professional momentum, and his next disc, New High Road of Song, did not materialize until the year 2000. It was released on the Brobdingnagian label and was followed by a tour of the United Kingdom with labelmates the Guthries. A live recording, Live at the Rebecca Cohn, printed in very limited edition independently in 2002, captured Al solo at Halifax's 1000 soft-seat auditorium, opening for the singer/songwriter Haden, in the midst of a journeyman phase which saw Al performing regularly, but largely only in his hometown and occasionally in other parts of eastern Canada. Not until 2005 was his ever-expanding following treated to a new album, entitled My Blues Away, also released in an independent fashion, available only at shows, at indie record stores and online through Al's hard-to-find records barely represent his full accomplishment as a songwriter. Much of his best material has not been released, or even recorded. His influence now extends over multiple generations of musicians, and it is among these peers and proteges that his reputation remains strongest. Many of them regard him as Canada's best, but the wider listening public remains unaware. Played mostly on the bar-room circuit, live shows have ranged from the shambolic to the hypnotic, often depending on the relative preparedness of the night's band. Whether they hit or miss, repeat customers will verify: no two shows are ever the same. Some acts Al has shared bills with: David Grey, Vic Chesnutt, Howe Gelb, Calexico, Garth Hudson, Tom Russell, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Marilyn Manson, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Haden, Buck 65, Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, Julie Doiron, Sarah Harmer, Feist, Old Man Luedecke, Ruth Minnikin, and Catherine MacLellan."

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: The Pack A.D. (Vancouver) w/ The Hotel Lobbyists (Vancouver)

Holy hell.
The Pack A.D., who performed originally in Windsor as simply "The Pack" are back Wednesday, September 10th.
They are being pushed properly by Mint Records into many countries, overseas, and into the nether-regions of, yes, Windsor!

This is their CD release tour, and being lucky enough to have an "advanced copy" I can tell you that this blues/rock duo is un-friggin'-real. Seriously wicked stuff. These two women are a treat to see perform, and if you know what's good for you, you'll come out on a Wednesday night.
Joining them will be The Hotel Lobbyists from Vancouver also. From their website:
"The five seemingly normal individuals who comprise the Hotel Lobbyists play a rock and roll that is fresh, energetic and loud and has a tendency to excite crowds into a raucous frenzy. Art may be dead or it may just be sleeping, but either way someone still has to serenade the wake."

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Eric Welton CD Release Party w/

There isn't a nicer guy. Period. Done. Finished.
He has a new album out, and everyone who knows him and loves him will be there. Will you be there?
Here's who is playing besides the magnificent Eric Welton.
Prophet Limbo (chatham)
Tara Watts
Travis Reitsma
Andrew MacLeod

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Ron Leary Full Band w/ Dean's Dragon (Toronto), Adam Warner, and Mr. Chill Friday, September 5th

Ron Leary Full Band w/ Dean's Dragon (Toronto), Adam Warner, and Mr. Chill are playing on the same NIGHT? Friday, September 5th!

This line-up of roots rock is just unfair, as it is being assaulted (rightly so) by the surf-rock guitar-shredding of Dean Drouillard's Dragon!

Adam Warner (Toronto), who I bumped into in Orillia at the Mariposa Folk Festival, is an awesome addition to Ron's ensemble, and his solo work is a perfect fit with these gems.

And Chill? The man. Harp-kanoodling at its best. Nothing like a guy who can play every instrument, but who can destroy a harmonica too.

Perfect night from start to finish. Any questions?

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Flying Fox and The Hunter/Gatherers (Winnipeg) w/ Trevor Malcolm Jazz Trio

From the Flying

"Flying Fox shows are high energy and bring crowds to their feet. With music ranging from sing-along pop songs to adventurous funk-influenced compositions in odd time signatures, they appeal to both the sophisticated musician and less scrutinizing dancer. As one recent show attendee put it, Flying Fox "has this unique, enticing sound that unexpectedly pulsates throughout the room with all its exuberance."

I am looking very forward to seeing this six-piece band, Wednesday September 3rd, one day before Twilight Hotel! It's going to be a wildly great week of music!
Trevor Malcolm!? Are you kidding me? If you have not seen him play yet, it is a treat unlike any other.

Enjoy this Flying Fox and The Hunter Gatherers video:

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Twilight Hotel (Winnipeg) w/ Mr. Chill & Greg Cox

One of the best bands we've ever gotten to play Phog Lounge, if roots/rock is your thing, is Twilight Hotel from Winnipeg.
They'll be playing solo during an early (ALL AGES) show on Thursday, September 4th.
They'll also be playing at night with Mr. Chill (Kelly Hoppe of Big Sugar) and Greg Cox.
It was an amazing pairing last time Twilight Hotel was through Windsor, and it will be stellar again.
Come check it out.
This is easily one of my favourite groups to get into my building.
Check out this video of theirs I found online!

Super Fun Film Society Tuesday, August 26th

There's this little group that gets together once per month, on a Tuesday. THIS Tuesday! We produce, collect, or enjoy local film-making.
This night, The Super Fun Film Society gets together to watch and share the videos that have been shot for fun, for profit, while in film school, while on vacation, for hobby, or whatever other reason people make short films (usually 2 minutes long to 10 minutes long).
I, as a non-film-maker, love this night because it has introduced me to more "doers". People who get equipment and ideas, and hit the streets to collect those ideas on film.
It's entertaining, firstly, and it's a great place to meet other people who are into making films. If you have no equipment, have never shot anything but you WANT TO, this is the thing to attend in order to make those connections.

Come check it out.
I'm glad to be working when these nights occur.

For a sample of the movie I am bringing to share, shot and edited by my brother in his spare time, starring his two children, Alex and Noah, check out the video at the top of this post.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: All Ages AND 19+ show Friday August 22nd

Friday at 4pm for all ages:
Explode When They Bloom

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Michou All Ages and 19+ show on Thursday August 14th w/ Stefan

Michou will be playing two shows Thursday. The first, all ages, will be at 4pm. The second will be at the usual 10:30pm. Stefan will be opening for both shows. It is going to be amazing. Twice.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Michael Hargreaves plays Open Mic Surgery at Phog

Michael Hargreaves, member of Michou, plays open mic here.
To see his band play at Phog, ALL AGES, be sure to be at Phog on Sunday at 4pm when they open for The Golden Hands Before God...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Windsor Live Music: The Mason Rack Band show this Friday has some testimonials from their current tour...

Here is a review from the Thunder Bay show that The Mason Rack Band played recently...

Steve Robinson wrote:
The other night I dropped by the Apollo, a little club in Thunder Bay and saw the most amazing band. They were the Mason Rack Band from Australia. I have only seen two other musicians of this calaber playing in a club enviroment. Jeff Healy doing his Thursday night jams at his club in Toronto and before that I have to go all the way back to Stevie Ray Vaughn at the El Mocombo in Toronto in 1983. Both these wonderful players have passed on so you can imagine the excitment when I heard Mason playing. Mason also bring a warmth with his humourous storytellling and sings with a unique voice that is hard to forget. Along with his own material, they cover the odd song by ZZ Top and Led Zeplin but they put their own unique spin on them and make it their own. If you ever have a chance to see them, don't miss it. It helps the pain of missing Jeff and Stevie much easier.

Windsor Live Music: More Manury...this time, with Lee Gaul

Windsor Live Music: George Manury returns to Windsor and plays Open Mic Surgery

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Windsor Live Music: August 8 & 9 Weekend info

The Mason Rack Band (Australia) plays Friday.
Isobelle Gunn (Toronto) plays Saturday.

Friday, August 01, 2008

A bunch of random videos I just loaded...

RF plays at Phog in July...

Hogs at Phog

Hard Sell at Phog in July

Firefly wandering the halls of Phog

Josh Bryant scratches at CJAM's Radio Free Tuesdays