Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Flying Fox and The Hunter/Gatherers (Winnipeg) w/ Trevor Malcolm Jazz Trio

From the Flying Fox...website:

"Flying Fox shows are high energy and bring crowds to their feet. With music ranging from sing-along pop songs to adventurous funk-influenced compositions in odd time signatures, they appeal to both the sophisticated musician and less scrutinizing dancer. As one recent show attendee put it, Flying Fox "has this unique, enticing sound that unexpectedly pulsates throughout the room with all its exuberance."

I am looking very forward to seeing this six-piece band, Wednesday September 3rd, one day before Twilight Hotel! It's going to be a wildly great week of music!
Trevor Malcolm!? Are you kidding me? If you have not seen him play yet, it is a treat unlike any other.

Enjoy this Flying Fox and The Hunter Gatherers video:


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