Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Young Rival (Hamilton) Friday, September 12th

What a spoiling we're getting this month!
Young Rival? The old "Ride Theory" boys revamped and slaying everywhere they go (as usual) are coming back to the place they might be loved most...

I was minding my own business, reading my music blogs for the day, and while perusing Stereogum, I saw this advanced release of Young Rival, and a very favourable review! Stereogum!? Hello?! For these guys to be giving reviews like this is no small feat! These boys have played BOTH P.A. Festivals and are going to be a major pick-me-up this month.

Better yet, they are going to be playing two shows this day.
Yes, they are doing an all ages show! Join the Phog All Ages Squad for details on every all ages show.

Check all these links to see more about these dudes.
Young Rival
Young Rival
Young Rival


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