Monday, November 26, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Diableros (Toronto) play Phog Friday November 30th with Salt of The Chief Cornerstone & Self Centre...dammit we're lucky!

The Diableros play Friday November 30th.
This is going to be beautiful.
From Maple Music:
"The Diableros are known for creating an intense sound, brooding instrumentation rounded out by Carmichael's valiant and honest vocal delivery. The live show mirrors the intensity of their recorded output evident through the blood that often ends up on Jackson's guitar after many of their gigs.
There's only so many words that can entice one to listen to an album. The above prose a brief glimpse into a band who prefer that you just listen to their records and come see them play rather than read about their exploits. The Diableros live and breathe music, they are a group of friends, who despite the weight of some of their songs, don't take themselves too seriously.

Listen to the album, enjoy it, play it as loud as you can, you'll find that it will suit your sunny Sunday afternoon as much as it does a late Saturday night. Come see them live and be sure to say hi."

I must add here that Salt of The Chief Cornerstone (SOTCC) will be making a much anticipated return with Self Centre opening the show.
Apparently, SOTCC destroyed the last time they played.
This two-piece was the talk of the week following their last show.
Come see this and you will likely be as impressed with the local talent as much as the mighty Diableros.


At December 10, 2007 9:26 p.m. , Blogger Caitlin said...

SotCC was fantastic, once again. It just sucked they couldn't play their whole set...
Thanks for a great show phog!


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