Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey, we're happy...

It seems that people are confused over a message intended to inform.

We have been overly blessed by our amazing customers for a long time.
October was the culmination of that support, seeing new faces, and seeing familiar faces over and over again, watching the support for the live music scene to be incredible.

I am proud of our customers.
I am grateful and thankful to have such dedicated folks coming to see bands.


We have asked too much from you recently.
Too many shows.
Not enough nights off...FOR you can just come in, sit down with a friend, and talk.

The changes we are making are a PLUS. The nights will be designed to welcome more people who won't be obligated to pay to get through the door.

That's all.
That's the message.

I know you're all used to me whining, but this time, those of you who obvilously read my message in the wrong spirit, are mistaken. Read our "Goodbye Rocktober" post again, and understand that we are moving into a new format that is meant to benefit those who have been trying to tell us "too many shows!" for a long time.

We're listening. We listened! See!? We know you're smarter than us!

Frank and Tom are ecstatic to have the schedule changing in favour of stronger shows, and more personable weekdays.
Get it?
Got it?

I look forward to seeing you again!!!


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