Saturday, October 27, 2007

CJAM Pledge Night Saturday

I don't know if anyone realizes just how important CJAM has been to Phog.
Most times I turn on the station, someone is playing, interviewing, or honouring a band that is coming to Phog, and they are mentioning our place by name...
This is beyond what any music venue could ask for from one of the best community radio stations in the country.
CJAM is having a pledge drive currently, and there is still time to donate to the station, which needs money badly for new technology.
You can donate through or you can call 519.971.3630 and offer some coin.
I have already donated and recieved some awesome swag from the station, and I tip my cap to whoever ordered this stuff. it looks and feels great to wear.

On Saturday night, we have What Seas, What Shores and James O-L playing, in order to raise money for CJAM on their second-last day of fundraising.

Come support. If you can.


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