Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Phog Weekend November 9th & 10th

This upcoming weekend holds two pretty darn great shows.
It's a nice weekend to return home to after a week off.
Friday November 9th
Go Ghetto, Tiger (Vancouver) w/ Square Root of Margaret (Chatham)
The thing about this pair is that they are different.
Go Ghetto, Tiger is an unpredictable band, with a sound varying from song to song, which should fit well with the keyboard-laden Square Root of Margaret.
I think Friday will be a fun atmosphere, with new, interesting music.
If you don't know already, the Square Root fellas put out a new record recently, and in my opinion, it is the best thing they've ever released. I was thoroughly impressed. This music, live, should impress much the same way.

Above: Les Kilt
Saturday November 10th
The Locusts Have No King (Windsor) w/ Les Kilt (Toronto) & The Schomberg Fair (Toronto)
To begin with, Les Kilt booked the show. They sounded amazing. Quiter than the other two bands, who I subsequently booked, to support the show.
Above: Les Kilt

The Schomberg Fair samples online knocked me down right away. I knew I liked it in the first few moments I listened. And the style reminded me of how perfect The Locusts Have No King would accompany this group and finish off the night with a bang.
This Saturday will be really bloody good.
Above: The Locusts Have No King image
Above: The Schomberg Fair


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