Friday, February 02, 2007

Things to consider

I must share this Menomena story...
I was walking over to Phog, to open, when a "band van" pulls up. I assumed it was my band for the night, but when the van rolled down it's windows, they asked, "How do we get to the tunnel?"
They had a gig in Detroit that night. The Magic Stick
"Oh, I thought you might be my band for tonight...what kind of music do you play?" I asked.
The reply? "Overrated."
Sean and I were flabbergasted. We had never heard an answer like that.
They told us their band name, shook hands, gave directions, and they GAVE me an EP of Wet and Rusting.
I played it immediately upon entering the bar...getting things ready to the tunes of this incredible band who told me they were from Portland.

Later on in the day, I get a call asking me to cover for a show at the university radio station, CJAM. I agree, and take my new prize CD along with me. Upon playing it, and announcing my miraculous meeting, there were more ears listening than I thought.

A week later, Menomena returns from their tour and sends me a myspace message (Phog's profile) and thanks me for playing their CD on the air and promoting the show. Apparantly, some listeners went to the show because of the samples, and told the band the whole schtick I used on the air.
It was amazing. They claim that they will play our place on their next tour...and within months, I am seeing these posts on blogs such as Gorilla vs. Bear (READ IT)
Their success is hugely deserved, and kudos to gorilla vs. bear for putting on such a sweet show. Too bad it's in Dallas.

If you are intrigued at all to know about the newest up-and-coming bands with fun, lighthearted stuff, go to and - they are priceless resources for independant music in Canada, the US, and the world.


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