Thursday, December 14, 2006

Windsor Live Music: The Nein (Durham, NC) wsg Perilelle at Phog Thursday

Here's how The Nein has been described in the press...

“It’s hard to describe the Nein without making them sound like one of those bands that sound like all of those bands. They reference Gang of Four, but in an organic, learned way; and they use funk and skronking noise without being overly “dance punk”-y. It works.” – Seattle Weekly

“Although the results loosely conforms to the current dance-rock vogue, The Nein has substantially more of the anarchic spirit of that style’s British post-punk inspirations, notable the Fall and the Pop Group.” – Mark Jenkins, Washington Post

This Durham, North Carolina band will be playing with Steph Copeland (and Eric), this Thursday.
Incredible band.
They're on Sonic Unyon Records. 'Nuff said.


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