Monday, January 08, 2007

Phree/Phair Trade Night

If you have items left over from Christmas, or if you are like everyone else, and you have too much stuff, this night is for you.
We invite all of our crowd in to trade their stuff, their unwanted items for other people's items that are more attractive to the trader.

We all have things that are too good to THROW OUT and they are also too good to give away, but they are things that we are DONE with. We do not have the percieved connection to the item we used to have.
These things are waiting to be traded to other people who have hidden gems that they are not loving anymore.
I invite everyone to bring in their box of goods (big box or small box) into Phog by 6pm Thursday, January 25th, one month after the almighty idol of bad-gift-giving. The gifts aren't bad, but the aim is off. This stuff is waiting to be appreciated by the correct person, and hopefully that person is willing to trade you something cool.

See you there.
We've had this night in the past, and the more people who contribute, the better the night.


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