Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yes, we're going to be open every merry day of the holiday.
Our hours will be a little less defined.
We'll open at 9ish tonight, and 9ish on Boxing Day. But the holiday is full of "ish-es", with no one's schedule running according to plan.
We all feel a little happy-ish, and we feel a bit family-ish, and we look forward to getting tipsy-ish after the happy-ish family-ish-ness finally-ish gets over-ish.

As Frank and I will be torn from our families on these days, we will be at our posts, prepared to make your holiday that much better...ish.
Come and laugh with us and all of the out-of-towner, Windsor-deserters who return every holiday to pretend they love this town. Let's show them how we've been living it up without them!
Ah, I just made myself laugh with that one...just kidding Exports...we love to have you back in town.

Happy Holidays from Phog.
Enjoy these images of children scared by some pretty scary Santas.


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