Saturday, February 13, 2010

Magnolius (Toronto) and Perilelle at Phog, February 20, 2010

MAGNOLIUS, on their 5-venue tour of Southwestern Ontario brings explosive Hip Hop from Toronto, on stage with Windsor's PERILELLE.  It's your best bet if you're looking for a break from indie rock and crave a show of authentic talent.  MAGNOLIUS incorporates assembly-line style emceeing with lush beats and breaks, while PERILELLE fuses warm trip hop with hard technical rhythms via synthesizer, drum machine and of course, her silvery voice.

When: Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Where: Phog Lounge, 157 University Ave West, Windsor ON.
Details: $5, 19+

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What are critics saying about headliners MAGNOLIUS?"The chemistry between the duo, Shan Vincent de Paul & Derek DaCosta... well if you could bottle it, you could sell it back to N-Power and make some tidy wedge. It's angry and aware, yet sharp and has sense of humor" - WHISPERS Mag (UK)

"Best of all is their successful spanning of that sometimes-massive space existing between the disparate sides of tradition and experimentation within hip-hop, moving from one to the other with casual ease." - EXCLAIM! (Toronto) 

Listen to MAGNOLIUS Music on Bandcamp 
Hear trip-hop from PERILELLE

Bonus: You can catch Magnolius twice while they're in the area.  Check them out in Detroit at the 1440 Collective on Friday, February 19th with friends Stryfe, Detroit CYDI, RenCen and more!
Visit MAGNOLIUS myspace and find out about the other stops on the tour! 

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