Friday, November 28, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: December 1-6

It's back.
Oh geez.
T-shirts and scarves, bags, purses, mittens, etc. will be hung from every wall in the halls of Phog.
Here's a video about the first week of December.

From Modernboys, Moderngirls' myspace:
"Garage soul rock ‘n roll from Toronto, Modernboys Moderngirls (MBMG) are a band to watch in the months to come. Led by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Akira Alemany, MBMG's blistering live sets are quickly earning the group a reputation as one of the most exciting up-and-coming rock ‘n roll acts to emerge from the Toronto music scene.

Taking their name from a Japanese youth movement heavily influenced by western lifestyle and music in the 1920s, Modernboys Moderngirls proved their rock ‘n’ roll mettle after standout performances at the Canadian Music Week and North by Northeast (NXNE) festivals. The band was also booked to play Edgefest 2008 (in support of such acts as Stone Temple Pilots and Sam Roberts Band)—all before even releasing an album.

The wait is finally over for fans of the band’s electrifying live performances. Modernboys Moderngirls self-released their debut full-length,I Might As Well Break It in Canada on June 26, 2008 . Mixed by Ryan Mills (Born Ruffians, Most Serene Republic), the album is an exposed live wire, that mimics the energy of the band’s live set, burning through 60s soul and garage, ‘50s pop gems and 70s punk-funk influenced songs.

With a fresh album hot of the presses and one of the only independent band entries to make into the CBCRadio3 charts top 10, MBMG is ready to hit the road this fall with a tour that will include Ontario, Quebec and select U.S. dates, including a showcase at the prestigious Halifax Pop Explosion Festival.

"Modernboys Moderngirls...rock out like the devil has taken them over... The band sound like a southern-fried White Stripes" -- Chart Attack Magazine

"If MBMG's name isn't on everyone's lips in the coming months, there's definitely something wrong with the world." --

"All of the songs feel fully realized, with the band sporting a sound that’s alternately jangly, creepy...A confident release that could easily bring bigger things" -- Eye Weekly, Toronto

"The gem of the disc, just after the midway point, is the heartfelt and affecting A Hammond Organ Singing, which builds with a slow burn before cascading into a smouldering finish." -- NOW Magazine, Toronto

"the most striking thing about I Might As Well Break It: it sounds incredibly strong for a debut." --, Ottawa

"Singer, songwriter and guitarist Akira Alemany...steers his bright, brash, raucous songs with a sure hand, popping the top, delivering the goods" -- Montreal Mirror

"Modernboys Moderngirls are doing their part to crank up the amps and put the brashness back in rock 'n roll. The band's debut record - I Might As Well Break It. - is ten songs that really play like a gig at a dark and dingy club. It leaves you sweat soaked, bruised and battered and remembering." --, Halifax

"There’s something special in this lot, no doubt....the sky is the limit for Modernboys Moderngirls." -- The View Magazine, Hamilton"

From Europe In Colour's myspace:
"Europe in Colour is Rebecca, Alt, and Dave, three former nemeses from junior high making indie synthy pop.

Recent Press
“Europe in Colour ... played an adorable opening set of electric indie-pop.”
-Emily Whalen, The Journal

“The trio that make up Europe in Colour are ushering '80s synthpop back into our robotic radars.”
- London Free Press

“Their performance was easily a highlight in Guelph's recent concert history.”
- The Ontarion

“There's something unique about them that sets them aside from much of the rest of this 'synthy indie pop' scene.”
- Jamie Milton, MFM blog"

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A show worth supporting

There's two actually.

Nancy Johns Gallery has a big photo show happening at her place on Wyandotte St. East in Riverside. Lots of Phog familiars and some Unfamiliars are showing their incredible photo talent in her gallery from November 22nd to November 29th. The 29th is the closing reception party, which is always a busy and delightful night where you're bound to meet new people who are fans of some of the same things you're in to.
If you have not been to the gallery, get a clue and head in there any time her building is in operation. It's an ideal space (huge) and warming to anyone who likes friendly art-houses.

There's a lot to buy at this show, and it's a no-brainer for Christmas gifts, especially because the prices are extremely reasonable.

As for the second show worth patronizing, it is The Art Dump happening at Milk Coffee Bar. The work is done by co-creator of Freak Show, Stephen Gibb. His art is straight-up amazing. Every time I see his stuff I'm dumbfounded as to how he can be so prolific in a style that seems impossible to me. He's talented, is what I'm getting at. Prices are low, as he is "dumping" the art from his attic. He feels that it is better served on someone's wall than stuck in a room with other paintings. Go see.

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Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Phog's December Listings

1 - The Original T-Shirt Art show begins AND Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
2 - Creative Writing Grad Class Reading 7pm-9pm (FREE)
3 - University of Windsor School of Music Experimental Jazz and Funk Recital (FREE)
4 - Mobil (Detroit) w/ Lenny Stoofy (Detroit), The Peace Leeches (Chatham), and Perilelle
5 - Modernboys, Moderngirls (Toronto) w/ Europe In Colour (Toronto)
6 - Offical opening for The Original T-Shirt Art Show
8 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
9 - Super Fun Film Society
12 - J. Charles Benn wsg The Mahals
13 - Eamon McGrath (Edmonton) wsg 40 Thieves (Edmonton)
14 - Oh Vanya (Windsor)
15 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
16 - "W" CD Compilation Release featuring:
19 - "Dude" Night (Looping showing of The Big Lebowski with $4.50 White Russians until we run out of milk). You're encouraged to dress up as characters from the movie i.e. a bathrobe.
20 - Another Saturday Knight CD Release w/ Dave Dubois & Trevor Malcolm Jazz Trio
21 - TWO SHOWS - All Ages (5pm) The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band and The Spirits wsg/ Two For The Cascade, and The Speaking Tongues (Toronto)
22 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
23 - The Rusty Halos w/ Allison Brown (Toronto)
26 - Kenneth MacLeod & His Esteemed Colleagues
27 - The Mahals Holiday Bash
29 - Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
31 - New Years Eve with Ron Leary and Friends ($5 Cover)

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Monday, November 24, 2008 needs musicians...

Pina and Adriano at needs musicians.
They are placing videos online to accompany the many events they are running, and they want to pepper the videos with locally produced talent.
If you want to help out this positive, change-maker with their online project, contact them through their website.
They are waiting for you to get a hold of them.
To give you a sense of what they will use the music for...see the video below. You will see, within the first minute, how they will use local music and give credit to the musicians.

We should all be sending our praise to this organization, particularly because they are really trying to make sure great things happen in our city, and that they shed light on those great things, even if they have not organized them.

Check them out!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Video promo for Nov. 13-23, 2008 @ Phog

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Sylvie (Regina) w/ What Seas, What Shores on Wednesday, November 12th

How good is this band coming from Saskatchewan? Damn good. You may remember one of the original members of the band Despistado (the first band to play with The Mark Inside at Phog) named Joel (bass player). He is in Sylvie, and is one of the main reasons I spotted them when I saw some press for them a couple of years ago.

Here's a review from Exclaim Magazine:
"…Frankly, no one in Canadian music these days makes a sound like this. Sylvie did, with synthesized keyboard loops and teasing washes of guitar squall over the driving beats from that amazing rhythm section. Arenas, cold and silent as tombs, await their crazed sound."

And joining this hyped-up quintet are local sound-magicians What Seas, What Shores. I just love the instrumental, non-vocal, streaming walls of sound they bombard the crowd with at each show.

This show is good enough to pre-sell tickets, but with my Big Walk event this week, I was unable to spearhead that effort.
Come see how great these bands are together.
Trust me.

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