Saturday, September 06, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Rocktober Schedule

One of the rarest of occasions is happening this month, something we are coining "Bandcouver". For obvious reasons, the name is from the plethora of bands from Vancouver visiting us in a four day timespan.

Also, as I am posting these show very early, I am looking for bands (performers) who are interested in playing some of these dates in October. If you are interested, the bands in bold type are the one's that I am looking for openers to accompany.

1 - Michou wsg Trevor James and The Perfect Gentlemen (Ottawa)
2 - Satch and Duke Forever, FREE show at 10:30 for anyone under 30!
4 - Arctic (Vancouver) wsg The Mindframes, & A Welcome Breeze
7 - Miwagemini (New York, NY) wsg Nathan Moomaw (San Francisco, CA)
8 - Young and Sexy (Vancouver) wsg The Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) and Poorfolk (Ottawa/Montreal)
9 - Wax Mannequin (Hamilton) wsg The Buttless Chaps (Vancouver)
10 - Lesbo Vrouven (Quebec City, PQ) wsg Hotkid (Guelph)
11 - Brasstronaut (Vancouver) wsg The Awkward Stage (Vancouver) & Hot Panda (Edmonton)
14 - The Pan Canadian New Folk Ensemble featuring performances by Christine Fellows (Winnipeg), Old Man Luedecke (Chester, Nova Scotia), and Kim Barlow (Yukon)
16 - Mother, Mother (Vancouver) wsg The Wooden Sky (Toronto)
17 - Greg Cockerill (Calgary) wsg TBA
18 - The Locusts Have No King wsg The Warped 45s (Toronto)
24 - CJAM Pledge Drive Night with No Border and more bands to be announced...
25 - presents Michou, From Now 'Til Forever, Lifestory: Monologue (Guelph), Stefan, What Seas, What Shores, .D
28 - CJAM's Radio Free Tuesdays


At September 19, 2008 12:01 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat line up for October. Especially the 8-9th!


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