Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: September Show Schedule at Phog

3 - Flying Fox and The Hunter Gatherers (Winnipeg) wsg Trevor Malcolm Jazz Trio
4 - Twilight Hotel (Winnipeg) ALL AGES show at 4pm / 19+ show at 10:30pm with Mr. Chill and Greg Cox
5 - Ron Leary Full Band w/ Dean's Dragon (Toronto), Adam Warner (Toronto) and Mr. Chill
6 - Eric Welton CD Release w/ Tara Watts, Travis Reitsma, Prophet Limbo, and Andrew MacLeod
8 - Open Mic Surgery With Tara Watts
10 - The Pack A.D. (Vancouver) wsg The Hotel Lobbyists (Vancouver)
11 - Al Tuck (Halifax) wsg Kenneth MacLeod
12 - Young Rival (Hamilton) wsg TBA

13 - FAM Art After Party w/
The Original Lady Eyes
Ictus (Toronto)
Make Me Young (Toronto)
Street Pharmacy (Welland)
14 - FAM Fest Music Day w/
This Is Me As A Woman
High Mother
Vice Verses
Salt of the Chief Cornerstone
Kadro (Detroit)
Mobil (Detroit)
Twilight Sentinels
Stone Pipers

15 - Open Mic Surgery With Tara Watts
16 - Get Lit Up - Book sale and Trade night with reading and musings on being published with ACTUAL AUTHORS (7pm start of discussions)
19 - Innes Wilson & His Opposition (Guelph) wsg Hotkid (Guelph) & Cursed Arrows (Guelph)
20 - Konquistador (Australia) wsg Helsinki Go
21 - Roy Mahal (Manury)
22 - Open Mic Surgery With Tara Watts
23 - Super Fun Film Society
24 - You Say Party! We Say Die! (Vancouver) wsg Beast (Montreal) & Winter Gloves (Montreal)
26 - Lindy (Toronto)
27 - Andrew Devillers (Toronto) wsg Matthew De Zoete (Hamilton)
28 - Squirt Bop 11-CD-Release
29 - Open Mic Surgery With Tara Watts
30 - CJAM's Radio Free Tuesdays showcasing this month's show : I Wear White Jeans


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