Friday, September 26, 2008

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Miwa Gemini (New York, NY) w/ Moomaw (San Francisco, CA), & Perilelle on Tuesday, October 7th

Oh dear.
I cannot believe what is on the way.
New York and San Francisco are coming to Windsor!
Miwa Gemini's CD came int he mail the other day, and it floored me. SO GOOD!
Here's a testimonial...

From the music blog
"Cute as a button and talented as few, Miwa Gemini is a breath of fresh air to the female “singer-song writer” stable. Her voice is sweet, yet deep, and her folk-music stands out from the crowd thanks to the use of banjo and mandolin. It’s a bit like throwing The Mountain Goats together with Nina Simone and Tom Waits: hazy, organic, and simply stunning.

Miwa’s second full-length album, “This Is How I Found You”, is already out in Canada, but a US and Europe release is scheduled for March 18, 2008. And I highly recommend that you pick it up."

Also coming, is Moomaw, from San Fran.
From his myspace page:
"Nathan Moomaw plays folk music to lay back in the park and sip whiskey to. Keeping your eyes on the plants and trees and trying to avoid glancing at the buildings towering above the foliage. You feel an addictive pleasant sad."

Opening for them will be Windsor own, amazing, Perilelle. What a perfect fit this will be!

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