Thursday, September 11, 2008

CBC Radio 3 Rock T-Shirt Compendium

In t-shirt news...the new spray-paint Phog t-shirts are available! They are for the die-hard individuals who "get" the design.
*Hint - The regulars of Phog call it "the p-hog" (pronounced pee-hog)
So I decided to make P-Hog shirts, and I'm a big fan of the aesthetic of the spray-paint already.
Come to get one.

On to MORE t-shirt news...
Yes, to this CBC Radio 3 Rock T-Shirt compendium, you are allowed to add all of your Canadian band t-shirts!
CBC Radio 3 takes the cake again and starts a Flickr Group for all of your favourite band shirts that you've invested in over the years.

Phog-goers and music supporters should represent Windsor and join this Flickr group, and then upload images of you wearing those shirts!

Yours Truly could not resist, and I added a pile of images you can check out HERE!


At September 11, 2008 1:18 p.m. , Blogger Jenna said...

Dear Tom,

I would like a P-hog shirt and also a Chloe bag in kelly green.

Let me know what I owe you!



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