Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It was recently brought to my attention that my inbox does not work.
My e-mail is full.
Well, anyone who sees me on a regular basis or who has called the bar knows that was a valid e-mail address for less than 3 months.
The new Phog e-mail address is

This is the ONLY way you should get in touch with me, aside from comments on this blog, or messages in myspace. Preference leans toward the giant e-mail above.
Thanks everyone.
Spread the word if you know people or bands who've been trying to get a hold of us.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hello, Eric, Andrew...Goodbye Phree Trade

Eric Welton, the "new" man behind the bar will be joined by Andrew MacLeod Saturday night.
I'm just here to say, "Get a clue!" Come and see them.
It's a nice, light music night soaked with quality. You should count yourself luck to see these two soloists do their thing on a Saturday night.

The last event I organized, Phree Trade night, was a BUST. No one showed on time (6pm), and to my knowledge, the only person who brought things to trade were Frank, myself, and Ron, who showed at 8pm with two bundles of goods.

This is most certainly the last time I try to organize a trade night. It has died a respectful death...with no one at the funeral. Wait, that's not true. A wild-eyed, American, casino-tour-going, motor-mouthed hippie was there...and he was there to observe what he thought would be trading galore.

He was bummed.
Not as much as I was, as I had hoped to get rid of CD racks, snowball-makers, cigar boxes, and other random junk that my wife was happy to see me taking AWAY from my home.
Bye bye Phree Trade, hello weekend musical goodness.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


This dude was so money back in the day.
He opened for James Brown for Christ's sake.
He had an album released only last year called Let My People Go.
Look him up. His music is unreal. SO good.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Phog Weekend Jan 12 & 13

This weekend is so packed, it's uncomfortable.
Friday, the High Strung revisit from Detroit and play with The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band and The Spirits.

If you are into 70s Kinks, Ray Davies mixed with up-tempo surf/rock, then The High Strung are the best damn band you'll ever see at Phog.
The Golden Hands boys are soujnding better than ever, and will be clobbering everyone with the best damn songwriting in the city.
Listen for yourself:

On Saturday, we have Die Mannequin (Toronto) and Charlemagne (Hamilton) coming to shake the building off its foundation.
The music I've heard from these bands is very, very good, and will impress any Phog show-goer.
Check these bands' links and listen for yourself.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Phree/Phair Trade Night

If you have items left over from Christmas, or if you are like everyone else, and you have too much stuff, this night is for you.
We invite all of our crowd in to trade their stuff, their unwanted items for other people's items that are more attractive to the trader.

We all have things that are too good to THROW OUT and they are also too good to give away, but they are things that we are DONE with. We do not have the percieved connection to the item we used to have.
These things are waiting to be traded to other people who have hidden gems that they are not loving anymore.
I invite everyone to bring in their box of goods (big box or small box) into Phog by 6pm Thursday, January 25th, one month after the almighty idol of bad-gift-giving. The gifts aren't bad, but the aim is off. This stuff is waiting to be appreciated by the correct person, and hopefully that person is willing to trade you something cool.

See you there.
We've had this night in the past, and the more people who contribute, the better the night.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Windsor Live Music: This Friday...January 5

Kocho-bi-Sexual from Detroit will be playing, joined by Perfect Summer, from Warren, Michigan.
This synth-pop stuff is so awesome, I don't know how to tell you what you're in for.
This show will be wicked.

Perfect Summer sitting...

More of Perfect Summer sitting some more...
Look them up on myspace for samples.