Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Yes, the P.A. Music Festival went as planned...
The movement between buildings was astounding, with people on the move from the word "go".
Last year, people cemented themselves and didn't go anywhere. This year, people went from venue to venue as if the two buildings were attached.
The entire point of the festival, the goal to introduce people to both venues, was a large success.

I could not be happier with the turnout, unless of course, we had publicized it earlier, and maybe got some more bodies out on the Saturday night...

Considering the parameters, Tony and I understand the achievement reached this weekend, and we want to thank ALL OF YOU who came and played, watched, or helped spread the word about the festival.

And now some photos...


At October 03, 2007 6:16 p.m. , Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for an awesome weekend. Now you guys just got to do it a couple of times a year.

See you for Rock Plaza Central.


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