Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The P.A. Music Festival Line-Ups and show times @ Phog

One more time.
The P.A. Music Festival Line-Up for it is.
Tickets are selling like mad.
$15 per day.

Friday September 28th
Adam Fox & Company 9pm-9:45pm

The Pack (Vancouver) 10pm-10:45pm

Young Rival (Hamilton) 11pm-11:45pm

The Mark Inside (Toronto) 12am-12:45am
Holy Fuck (Toronto) 1am-1:45am

Saturday September 29th
Five Blank Pages (Brampton) 9pm-9:45pm

The Helsinki Go 10pm-10:45pm

Yellow Wood 11pm-11:45pm

Bend Sinister (Vancouver) 12am-12:45am

The Doers (Vancouver) 1am-1:45am


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